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Leech Ramp Deck Highlight and Gameplay!

HowlingMines wanted to play Galactus, but doesn't have the card - but his journey to find a similar deck he would enjoy may have lead him somewhere powerful! Is Leech secretly the best card that you're not playing?
Can't Stop Snapping Podcast

Can’t Stop Snapping! – A Marvel Snap Podcast – Episode 42: Collector Tokens and New Season!

Hey all, we are back to discuss a lot of the latest changes to Marvel Snap in the last couple of weeks, including the new season pass with Silver Surfer, and how we are feeling one week into the Token Shop and Collector's Tokens. How are you feeling about this new card acquisition feature? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter @cant_stop_snap. Don't forget to follow VinKelsier on Twitter and CaptainMoron on Twitch and YouTube!
Can't Stop Snapping Podcast

Can’t Stop Snapping! – A Marvel Snap Podcast – Episode 41: New Cards and New Patch with LootMuncher! 

Hey all, we are back with another episode after a longer than normal gap between releases! Today we talk the latest patch in Marvel Snap, which brings Collector's Tokens, new cards, and some expected nerfs. How are you feeling about the patch? Let us know on Twitter @cant_stop_snap! And make sure to follow @CubeRushEvents on Twitter and Twitch to catch Lootmuncher hosting Cube Rush Events every Wednesday!

Token Shop Tier List! – The Best Cards To Pin

The Token Shop is a very exciting update, but some players struggle with if they should save their newfound tokens for rarer new cards, or finally get their dream cards from Series 3? HowlingMines whips up a video for a different kind of Tier List this week - here's what you should be looking to buy first!

The Domino Effect

Is Domino an unplayable card? Paper dives deep into his favorite card in Marvel Snap and how we can build the best decks around her.

Series 5 Cards Theorycraft and Decklists

The big patch is drawing ever closer, and players are wandering what the best homes for the soon-to-be-released Series 5 cards are - Den is here today to show you some of their favourite early contenders for the cards you open!