Marvel Snap Matchmaking Explained

Why am I playing against people with more Pool Three Cards than me? Should I stop progressing my Collector Levels at the end of Pool Two? HowlingMines is here to break down and answer all the myths he can about Marvel Snap Matchmaking!

Matchmaking inside of Marvel Snap is easily the topic we receive the most questions about here at the Marvel Snap Zone community, due to it’s importance to players in deciding when to progress and understanding who they’re playing against, and the overall Mystique around how and why it works the way it does. Today, we’re going to break down what we know about the matchmaking system, and try to dispel some of the myths surrounding how it works!

It is important to remember that all information here is subject to change as the developers release more information, and more facts and stats are datamined. This article will be kept up to date as more information becomes known and available.

What Do We Mean By “Matchmaking”

Fundamentally, Marvel Snap is a ranked game (at least for now, non-ranked gameplay is coming according to the Development Roadmap!) – Matchmaking refers to the process of how the game finds you an appropriate opponent in this ranked environment. The game doesn’t want you to be playing against unfair opponents, or accidentally creating an unpleasant play experience, and so it uses a variety of factors explained below to find the most suitable competitor to play against in a reasonable amount of time.

What Facts Do We Know About Matchmaking

The following statements are currently believed to be facts at time of writing. Where possible, we have confirmed this information with Teachers, Moderators and Development Team members inside the Official Marvel Snap Discord and provided a screenshot below:

– Matchmaking is Regional only, with the intention to evolve this to Global Matchmaking soon

Unsurprisingly, matchmaking was tied to region during Beta in order to keep animations smooth, the game flowing – and a number of other reasons a simple content creator isn’t privy to! – however, for now, this system has remained in place, likely to make sure these priorities remained smooth following launch with such a large increase in players expected. This explains why you’ll see the same players on the ladder more regularly than you might imagine, or why you may play more bots at certain times of the day. Global matchmaking will follow once Second Dinner are sure that no major issues will be caused by it.

– Matchmaking is determined by three different factors: MMR (Match Making Rating), Collector Level, and Rank on the ladder.

Matchmaking is neither a precise art, or particularly simple. The three factors that play a role in deciding your opponent are:

  • MMR: MMR (or Match Making Rating) is a HIDDEN number that the Marvel Snap game keeps a track of. This number goes up when you beat players, and down when you lose to players. Your MMR will increase or decrease more dramatically if you are beating players the game believes are “better” than you, or losing to those it believes are “worse” than you.
  • Collector Level: This is a big one – Matchmaking DOES NOT care what “Pool” of cards you are currently in, just what Collector Level you are currently at. We believe there is a range of levels the game sees as “okay to pair you against”, with this range increasing the longer you stay in the matchmaking queue.
  • Rank: Every player has a “rank” on the ladder – that’s what the cubes you’re playing for add to! – resulting in a number and corresponding rank. These go from Rank 1: Recruit all the way to Rank 100: Infinity. Your current rank is taken into account when pairing you against an opponent, and much like Collector Level, it is believed the acceptable difference in Rank will grow and decrease based on the other two factors and time in the matchmaking queue. If you need more information about the Ranked Ladder, we have a full guide here:

At time of writing, we have no reason to believe any of these factors influence matchmaking more than any of the others, which leads us very nicely on to:

“Waiting Around” At The End Of A Pool Of Cards WILL NOT Stop You From Playing Against Cards From The Next Pool.

Because your collection level is NOT the only factor in matchmaking, sitting at a lower collection level intentionally is by no means guaranteed to stop you playing against people with more or less “meta” decks than you, or cards from a Pool of Cards you are not currently in.

Additionally, Second Dinner have made it clear they don’t envision this tactic as following the designs they had about how players progress and play the game, and have developed tools and techniques to “encourage” people to progress as intended. While we do not currently have any details about what these techniques are, this statement is more than enough of a reason to throw the myth of “waiting to enter Pool Three” firmly in the bin.

The Cards You Have, Deck Construction, And The Cards You Choose To Play Have NO EFFECT On Matchmaking.

Another commonly quoted belief in the undergrowth of Reddit, the Development Team have confirmed that at no point in your Marvel Snap journey does the deck you’re playing, the cards you have collected, or the amount of cards you choose to play from any Pool of Cards have any effect whatsoever on your matchmaking experience.

Closing Thoughts

There’s a lot of smokescreen around Marvel Snap Matchmaking – understandably so, given it’s a factor of the game most players really have no reason to have to involve themselves in and know the intricate details about – but as a result, many myths about the system and how it works have began to pollute the community, causing misinformation to spread and many players to wrongfully complain about factors that either simply don’t exist, or play no part in the matchmaking experience. Hopefully, with this breakdown, we’ll be able to help in putting some of those rumours to bed.

Have we missed anything important in this article? Know something we don’t, or disagree with what you’ve read? Feel free to join our community Discord to let us know, or come and talk on Twitter over at Marvel Snap Zone.

Until next time, I’ve been HowlingMines, and you’ve been amazing. See you out there in the Multiverse!


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  1. Is there any bearing the pool the cards in the deck you’re playing has on your matchmaking? It’s anecdotal, but my CL is low 400’s and when I play my kazoo deck that only has one pool 2 card. I’m facing opponents with mostly pool 1 or pool 2 cards, but when I’m playing my Dino deck which ranges from 3-4 pool 2 cards, I’ve been facing opponents with some pool 3 cards. I’ll play my kazoo deck right after for several matches and won’t see a single pool 3 card then switch back to my Dino deck and start seeing pool 3 cards again.

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