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Infinity Splits: Full List and How They Work

One of the most popular questions we get here at Marvel Snap Zone is "How do I get that cool effect I saw" - HowlingMines is here to guide you through every Infinity Split from Inkify to "Kirby Crackle"!

Infinity Splits are one of the most exciting parts of Marvel Snap for collectors and players – offering a unique way to get a personal collection, and bling out the decks you play with artistic styles, glitz and glam and other options as you play. Sadly, they’re also one of the most confusing aspects of the game for newer players, with it being unclear how many different variants there are, how to acquire the ones you want, and what limiting factors there are.

In this article and video, we’re looking to clear up what Infinity Splits are, show you how they work, and clear up a lot of the confusion surrounding how to get the card styles you want. Infinity Splits are still a topic with a lot of hidden information and surprises packed in store for Marvel Snap players, so if you find we’ve missed something, please feel free to contact us on Twitter @MarvelSnapZone or over in our dedicated community Discord server!

What is an Infinity Split?

Importantly, first of all, Infinity Splits are NOT Variants, the different artworks you can buy, open in cache‘s or otherwise acquire. While those are very cool, and we have a complete guide to those too – we’re looking at card rarity here instead.

Many people are aware that all your cards have seven base rarities, ranging from common to Infinity. Each rarity upgrade costs different amounts, and rewards different aesthetic changes and collection level amounts:

RarityBorder ColorEffectBooster CostCredit CostCollection Level
CommonGreyNormal card art
UncommonGreenArt breaks out of the frame5 Boosters25 Credits+1
RareBlueArt gains a 3D effect10 Boosters100 Credits+2
EpicPurpleArt gains an animation20 Boosters200 Credits+4
LegendaryOrangeLogo on the card becomes shiny30 Boosters300 Credits+6
UltraRedCard border becomes animated40 Boosters400 Credits+8
InfinityFoil/PurpleSplit the card into two copies and adds a visual effect50 Boosters500 Credits+10

However, what a lot of people are not so familiar with is the option available to you AFTER your card reaches Infinity – you may notice the button you used to press in order to upgrade now looks like this:

Pressing this button will create an Infinity Split – leaving your infinite version of your card available, but creating another version in your collection with a different aesthetic effect!

It’s important to know that this new version will always be at the common rarity once you split, meaning you’ll be able to upgrade it all over again in order to collect even more Infinity Splits, many versions of which are much harder to get, or only available after several Infinity Splits.

What Different Types of Infinity Splits Are There?

Thanks to several players who have datamined Marvel Snap, we understand what effects are available currently for Infinity Splits, but are also aware that more and more different effects and styles will become available in the future, offering a very collector-driven experience to Marvel Snap for a long time to come, with several active players already chasing rarer versions to show off to their opponents and friends!

Based on what we currently understand, Infinity Splits are made up of two different types of effect: Background Effects, and Particle Effects:

  • Background Effects: These are kind of like your traditional foiling on cards in other card games. Background Effects change the actual background of your card, either altering the art, or removing it for a clean foil effect. Currently, four background effects are available – Prism Finish, Foil Finish, Gold Finish and Ink Finish. This four versions do not currently have any variations in them, and become available at certain split levels detailed below
  • Particle Effects: These are effects that operate in the 3D space a digital card game is able to offer, adding a layer on top of or surrounding your card. There is also currently four of these available – Tone Flare, Glimmer Flare, Stardust Flare, and Krackle Flare. I’ll be breaking these down below to further clarify. Most importantly, there now appears to be eight different colours for each of these particle effects, all combined within the same drop rate. This will make a very particular particle + background combination very rare indeed

You’ll always be able to figure out what effects your split card currently has by taking a look at the icons above them in the deck builder, alternatively, you can click on the variant name for your card, and see each official name inside of the artist credits:

You’ll have to forgive the quality of some of these images – sadly, some of these effects are so rare I’m yet to have any myself, so I have to work with the images I’ve been able to find:

The icon on the left will always represent the background effect, while any icon on the right will always represent a particle effect. This means, at a base, there is twenty different possible versions of each infinity split available – four backgrounds with no particle, and then each of the four backgrounds with each of the four different effects – this is then multiplied to a ridiculously large amount once all eight colours are considered, meaning there will always be something to collect in Marvel SNAP!

So, What Does Each Split Look Like?



Foil is exactly that – a nice clean background of a silvery rainbow colour. As mentioned above, sometimes the artwork previously behind the character is barely visible/not visible, and sometimes you can still see important elements.


Prism Foiling removes the cards background art, and replaces it with sharp-edged, reflective hexagons with a rainbow finish. In the most recent update, this finish has been altered to the second picture, where it has more of a “textured” feel, and the hexagonal elements are far less prominent inside of the rainbow.


Gold is quick, simple, and really elegant – a solid gold background that really makes the character POP. This is currently the rarest background split, only becoming available from Infinity Split 5 onward, at a 10% drop rate


Only slightly more common that Gold, Ink is another rare background, with both holding the most prestige., however, Ink becomes available from Infinity Split 4 onward, at a 10% drop rate – Ink, or Black and White, gives a very 70’s movie/retro comic vibe to the card by making it monotoned, and is a fan favourite on many cards.

Particle Effects:

For particle effects, Black is the most rare, followed by Rainbow and Gold, then Red, Purple, Blue, White, and Green on the most common effect. Thanks Swaguar for the source!

Credit: HowlingMines
Green – Credit: BenJimJam
Blue – Credit: Jonny Reynoso
Black – Credit: Cyhrus
Credit – Mark Bowen

Glimmer gives your card this small sparkle, flying away from the centre of the card in various shades of colours.


The other more common particle effect, Tone puts some swirling, purple meteorite-style objects spinning their way around your card. They’re really fast, so they’re hard to catch on a screenshot well! They also have some comic-strip style dotting in the background.


I actually got my first Stardust and Ink at the same time, trying to get images for this article! Stardust is a much bigger effect than glimmer, with stars of various shades of pink, purples, golds, blues and reds bursting off of the card, and you can clearly identify it via the purple symbol of the screen.

“KRACKLE FLARE – or Kirby Crackle”
Credit: BenJimJam
Credit: BenJimJam

Last, and by no means least, the rarest particle effect at time of writing is the Kirby Crackle/Krackle Flare – named so after the method of showing a crackle of energy in US Superhero Comics, popularized by influential artist Jack Kirby in the 1960’s – a energy field escapes from your card, giving it a powerful, battle ready feel. This effect is also now available in several different colours!

So What Do We Know About Rarities? How Likely Am I To Get The Version I Want?

A ton of information regarding the exact rarities of each effect, what new effects are on the way, and much more is being kept very quiet for now by the team at Second Dinner – understandably so, they have a ton of surprises in store!

That said, here’s what we do know for now with the exact rarities of each effect, shown in this table:

Infinity Split Effect Rates
Image: Official Marvel Snap Discord
  • You cannot split into an exact duplicate. One element minimum will always change, HOWEVER, with the most recent colour effect updates, it does appear you can receive the same pair of effects with a different colour after you split.
  • Your first split will always be one of the two more common backgrounds ONLY (Rainbow or Hexagon)
  • Your second split WILL be guaranteed both a background and particle effect
  • Inkify can appear from split four, and Gold from split five, but are not guaranteed. Some players report splitting a card as many as eleven times before seeing the background they want.
  • Kirby can only begin to appear as of split six, at just a 10% chance.
  • Split “levels” (How many times you’ve split) is calculated by character, not art, meaning if you switch to a new variant you’d like to upgrade, you will not lose your progress.

Closing Thoughts:

Well, that’s quite a lot to take in!

Infinity Splits are likely the most important aspect to players of Marvel Snap who see themselves as collectors. Having rarer, cooler and fancier versions of cards to show off to friends or batter your opponents with that can only be acquired by regularly playing with and splitting your favourite cards is, in my opinion, a fantastic model that rewards aspects of the game that Second Dinner feel are important – playing it consistently, and offering a way for players to make their collection their own, with personalised, hard to find touches.

What do you think? Got any cool variants you’d like to show me? Please feel free to contact us on Twitter @MarvelSnapZone or over in our dedicated community Discord server! Alternatively, you can drop me a line personally over on Twitter @HowlingMines and show me all your shiny goodies, and talk anything Snap!

Until next time.
I’ve been HowlingMines, and you’ve been amazing.
See you out there in the Multiverse!

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  1. Last month I picked up venomized Hela variant. After the initial infinity split, instead of getting prism background, I got gold foil, then when splitting that, I got inked background. So I got gold first split and ink 2nd split. Did they change it so you can get them at any split now?

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