Deck Guides

In-depth strategy guides for Marvel Snap’s most popular decks so you can play them like the pros. We also cover our original deck builds and off meta, lesser known decks so you can surprise your opponents for more Cubes.

Cerebro Dan Hipp Variant Art

Cerebro 2 & 3 Detailed Deck Guide: Equality For All!

The Cerebro archetype is one that inspires the most creativity in deckbuilders throughout Marvel Snap. Although this is a great strength, it might be daunting for some players to embark on their Cerebro journey. This detailed deck guide by den makes it easy for anyone to become a Cerebro enjoyer!

Junk Deck Guide: Bad Cards Gone Wild!

One of the most frustrating decks to play against is, ironically, also one of the most frustrating to play. With tons of intricate synergies and careful manipulation of priority, mastering Junk is no easy task. That's why den has written a guide so you can clog the board to your heart's content!

Junk It Up with Sentry or Man-Thing

The opportunity cost of playing your cards in Marvel Snap is an aspect of the game that is often glossed over or completely forgotten. That's why SafetyBlade created this guide that dives deep into these concepts!

Sera Surfer Detailed Deck Guide

Sera Surfer has had a consistent spot in the Marvel Snap metagame since Silver Surfer's release in December. Our resident deck expert den wrote a guide so you can play the deck like the pros!