Welcome to Marvel Snap Zone! We are a community dedicated to Marvel Snap, an upcoming digital collectable card game based on the Marvel Universe. It is designed for quick, bite sized games, launching with more than 150 cards and 60 different locations!

Featured Location


This week’s Featured Location is Asgard. Read more about it here.

July 2022 Season

Love and Thunder

This month’s season pass is called Love and Thunder – featuring the new card Thor and new cosmetics! Read more about it here.

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Exodia Gambit by robcote22

Exodia Gambit Combo Deck Guide

Introduction Today’s Marvel Snap Deck Highlight features a powerful combo revolving around excessive On Going and On Reveal effects (check out our abilities guide)! The deck may take a while for people to start building, but it is certainly something to aim…

Anti-Nova Control Infinite Rank Deck Guide

Anti-Nova Control Infinite Rank Deck Guide

Introduction Today’s Marvel Snap Deck Highlight features an Anti-Nova Control deck by Wolwiloreal, who used it to reach Infinite rank this season. Since then, he managed to win 120 more Cubes, demonstrating that this deck is the real deal, both…

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