Collector's Tokens

Collector’s Tokens

Guide to Marvel Snap's Collector Tokens: What they are, how to obtain them, and using them in the Token Shop.

Collector’s Tokens in Marvel Snap allow players to target the cards they want for their collection, rather than having to wait to unlock them through the random Mystery Card rewards system. Looking for Patriot, Wong, Sera, or Destroyer to build the dream meta deck? Well, this system looks to alleviate players of the potentially long wait.

What are Collector’s Tokens?

Collector’s Tokens are a new free currency earned on the Collection Level Road that can be used to unlock cards offered from the Token Shop.

Players Want Specific Cards

While many players enjoy the variation in collections that comes from randomness, others can feel frustrated with their inability to target specific cards that they really want. Especially if you’re excited about a deck where you’re missing just 1 key card to bring it all together.

We Need More Collection Goals

Once players earn all of the currently available cards on the Collection Level Track, there are less goals for players to look forward to achieving. We love the feeling of having exciting collection goals, and we miss it once it’s gone.

To tackle these, we are doing two things: adding Collector’s Tokens to target cards you want most, and adding some new rare cards to collect.

What is the Token Shop?

The Token Shop features a card you don’t own in your collection, and refreshes every 8 hours. Here is our more detailed guide on how it exactly works:

Players can also pin and freeze the Token Shop to lock in their targeted card to obtain later when they acquire more Collector’s Tokens.

With this system, you’ll be able to make constant progress towards unlocking the cards you want most!

This system isn’t designed to be the primary way to earn new cards, similar to the Variant Daily Offer that players should keep an eye out for periodically to look for their most wanted cards as they progress through the game.

How can I obtain Collector’s Tokens?

Collector’s Tokens can be found in Collector’s Cache and Collector’s Reserves that can be opened after Collection Level 500.

The following drop rates will apply for the Caches:

Collector’s Cache
Level 500 to 1000
RewardCollector’s Reserve
Level 1006+
47.25%Series 3 Card22.25%Series 3 Card
2.5%Series 4 Card2.5%Series 4 Card
0.25%Series 5 Card0.25%Series 5 Card
10%200 Credits10%300 Credits
5%350 Credits5%400 Credits
10%150 Gold10%200 Gold
25%200 – 600 Collector’s Tokens25%200 – 600 Collector’s Tokens
100 Collector’s Tokens if Series 3 complete
10%Rare Variant
7.5%Rare Avatar
7.5%Rare Title
  • Series 4 cards are guaranteed in 40 caches.
  • If you are a Series 3 player your reserves will be broken into groups of 4. Within that group of four, one will be a card, one a cosmetic, one is tokens, and one is credits/gold. Effectively the pity timer is changing as a result from 9 to 7. Players with bad luck will absolutely finish series 3 much faster than before!

You can always find the latest drop rate tables in our guide below:

How many Tokens are needed for cards in each Series?

Cards have always been split into separate Series (or what some players are calling “Pools”). You must earn every card in Series 1 before you can earn cards in Series 2, and every card in Series 2 before you can start earning cards in Series 3.

SeriesCollector’s Tokens
Series 3 Card1 Free per Season
Series 4 Card3,000 Tokens
Ultimate Variants5,000 Tokens
Series 5 Card6,000 Tokens

Over time, some cards will be moved down from Series 5 to Series 4, and some cards will be moved from Series 4 to 3. This ensures that players starting later aren’t going to experience an enormous gap between a new player and one who’s been playing for years. And it means that if you aren’t sure you want to spend the full Token price on a new Series 5 card, you can wait until it gets cheaper.

Collector’s Tokens Introduction Rewards

This new upcoming system may tempt players not to open the reward caches that they are currently earning to get a greater chance on opening Collector Tokens once they are released. However, the developers do not intend for players to save resources to get something that has not been released yet and have confirmed that the loot tables are determined as they are earned. So feel free to open them!

Instead, Marvel Snap will be celebrating the big new changes, and to get players started in the Token Shop, players will receive Collector’s Tokens according to their current Collection Level. When you log into the new patch, we’ll start you off with a gift of a bunch of Tokens!

The amount of Tokens you’ll get depends on your Collection Level when you log in:

  • 500-999 CL: 3,000 Tokens
  • 1000-2999 CL: 6,000 Tokens
  • 3000+ CL: 12,000 Tokens

What if I’m not at Collection Level 500 yet?

For players currently under 500 Collection Level, they’ll be granted 3,000 Tokens when they unlock the Token Shop at Collection Level 500!

Loot tables are determined for Collector’s Caches and Collector’s Reserves at the time they are earned. When they are opened, a reward is selected from that predetermined loot table. We will talk about tokens more soon.


We don’t want to create a situation where players are incentivized to hold off on opening rewards they have earned. We will be moving forward in a way that doesn’t create a big advantage for people who hold out on opening collectors reserves.

TLDR: Feel free to save up on credits and gold, but go ahead and claim all the rewards you earn right away and enjoy them!


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  1. The chart for Collector’s Reserves after CL1006+ isn’t quite right. If Series 3 is completed the 400 Collector Token reward replaces the Series 3 card Reward, not the 100 Collector Token reward. The percentages should look like this once Series 3 is completed:

    22.25% 400 Collector’s Tokens (replacing the Series 4 Card reward)
    2.5% Series 4 Card
    0.25% Series 5 Card
    10% 300 Credits
    5% 400 Credits
    10% 200 Gold
    25% 100 Collector’s Tokens
    10% Rare Variant
    7.5% Rare Avatar
    7.5% Rare Title


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