Marvel Snap Mystery Card Rewards: Full List of Cards in Pool Three (Collection Level 486+)

In Marvel Snap, the main way you acquire cards is via the Mystery Card rewards that appear every so often on the Collection Level Road (for the full breakdown of how this works, read our progression guide). These Mystery Cards aren’t completely random pulls from the whole library of cards in the game. There is a set pool of cards that it pulls from, until you obtain all of them and progress into the next pool. This depends on the specified range of Collection Level.

Pool #Collection Level #Card #DecksTier List
Pool OneCollection Level 18 – 21446 cardsDecksTier List
Pool TwoCollection Level 222 – 47425 cardsDecksTier List
Pool ThreeCollection Level 486+74 cardsDecksTier List

All players who reach Collection Level 498 will have completed Pool 1 and Pool 2, and have identical card collections up to this point. Pool 3 is where it gets more interesting as the pool of cards to draw from is larger, and varied in power level. It is intended to be the final pool of cards in Marvel Snap for now. As more players reach this point in the game, the diversity of decks will likely to be seen more as players have a more variety of cards to experiment with.

From Collection Level 500 onwards, Pool 3 Mystery Cards are replaced with Collector’s Cache and Collector’s Reserve, that has a chance to contain them:

  • Collector’s Cache: From level 500 to 999, there is a 50% chance of containing a Mystery Card from Pool 3.
  • Collector’s Reserve: From level 1000 onwards, there is a 25% chance of containing a Mystery Card from Pool 3.
  • For the full contents and drop rates, see the dedicated guide.

Here is the full list of cards from Collection Pool Three known so far. Cards from Season Passes (such as Wave and Thor) will be added to the pool two months after their release. Cards from other events (such as Jane Foster) are added here too.


Marvel Snap Collection Pool Three Card List

đź’ˇ You can view all these cards in our card database, track your card collection using our tracker tool, build and search for decks using cards you own!

Adam WarlockAeroAgatha HarknessArnim ZolaBaron Mordo
BeastBlack BoltBlack CatBlack WidowBrood
Captain MarvelCerebroColleen WingCrossbonesCrystal
Doctor OctopusDoctor DoomDraculaDraxElectro
FalconGambitGhost RiderGigantoGoose
Green GoblinHazmatHelaHellcowHuman Torch
Invisible WomanJane FosterJuggernautKingpinLeader
Moon KnightMister NegativeMysterioMystiqueOmega Red
Red SkullRescueRockslideRogueRonan the Accuser
SeraSpider-ManTaskmasterThe HoodThor
Typhoid MaryUltronVenomViperWasp

As usual Marvel Snap is still in beta. The order and even the method the cards are awarded is subject to change before official launch. We will, of course, keep you posted on any changes. So stay tuned to Marvel Snap Zone for more coverage!

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