Marvel Snap Zone Premium
Marvel Snap Zone Premium


The latest Marvel Snap events happening right now, complete with their guides and what decks to bring! Keep an eye out for the latest Marvel Snap event through the News section on the top right hand corner.

Nian Challenge Event

Nian Challenge Event Guide

Deal damage to the Nian Beast with firecrackers as a community to earn Gold, Credits, and a Lunar New Year Sword Master Avatar! You can even try to climb the leaderboard to show off an exclusive Title. Here is our complete guide to the latest Marvel Snap web event.
Marvel Snap Event Calendar

Marvel Snap Event Calendar

All past, current, and upcoming Marvel Snap events, seasons, Featured and Hot Locations, and important release schedules, such as new cards and Bundles in calendar form so you can plan ahead!
Launch Week Celebration Rewards

Launch Week Celebration

Launch Week Celebration Details In celebration of Marvel Snap’s global launch, Snappers will receive supply drops all week long. Log in each day and check your inbox to receive rewards on the top right corner of the screen via the…

Cube Rush 1: Streamer Rush with Bynx and KanyeBest

Marvel Snap Zone works in collaboration with Lootmuncher0 to bring you our first ever Cube Rush - the competitive Marvel Snap Event where you race for the most cubes before time runs out! This time, we're joined by Bynx and our very own KanyeBest to watch the action unfold!
Atlantis Beach Boogie

Atlantis Beach Boogie Event Guide

For the next two weeks, Marvel Snap will be holding a special event called the Atlantis Beach Boogie. The rules are simple: To collect as many Cubes as possible during the event period, from June 22, 2022 (UTC) to July…