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Unreleased Marvel Snap Cards: Datamine Leaks

Our guide on how new cards in Marvel Snap are obtained as well as a full list of upcoming cards.

Unlike many other card games, in Marvel Snap cards are not released in expansions or sets. Each card holds a lot of weight and are released individually via the monthly Season Pass, weekly into Series 4 or 5, and other special events. Cards are datamined each month from the client with every new patch. This includes all their Variants, Bundles, and even Locations!

You can also take a look at the full list in our card database, collection manager, variant database, location database, and deck builder. We’re very excited to see what cards will come next – a lot of them look very powerful and very flavorful as well!


Please keep in mind that the unreleased cards are not their final versions and can be changed when they are released. In fact, a few of them have unspectacular placeholder effects and some even a duplicate ability of an existing card (e.g. War Machine and Ka-Zar). It is mostly a fun way to speculate what cards will be in the game in the future and check out their art.

Previously, some unreleased cards such as Thanos and Galactus could actually be summoned in the game through Cards and Locations that generate random cards such as Agent 13, X-Mansion, The Hub, and District X. If you were fortunate enough, you could temporarily enjoy their power. This is no longer applicable.

Unreleased Marvel Snap Cards

Below is a gallery of the unreleased Marvel Snap cards, and a schedule of the datamined release dates if any. You can also click on them for more information and theorycraft decklists!

December 2023

Sebastian ShawSeason PassDec 6, 2023
Blob5Dec 6, 2023
Firestar5Dec 13, 2023
Havok5Dec 20, 2023
Selene5Dec 27, 2023

January 2024

SkaarSeason PassJan 3, 2024
Caiera5Jan 3, 2024
Hercules5Jan 10, 2024
Miek5Jan 17, 2024
Grand Master5Jan 24, 2024
Beta Ray Bill5Jan 31, 2024

How are new cards released?

Series 4 and 5 Cards

As an initial introduction to the new Collector’s Tokens and the Token Shop, 10 cards in Series 4 and 6 cards in Series 5 entered Marvel Snap with the November 29, 2022 patch. After that, One new card enters Series 4 or 5 each week, being featured in Spotlight Caches and the Token Shop. For more information, check out the card release schedule.

Season Pass

1 new card is released with every new Season Pass. It generally starts and ends on the first Monday of each month. Purchasing a Premium Season Pass will immediately grant the new Base Card to players. Some seasons correlate with new Marvel movies and TV series, as a way of cross-promoting the franchise.

See below table for the complete list of Season Pass cards. From December 2022, cards initially enter as a Series 5 card when the season ends. For more information, check out the Season schedule.

Nexus Events (Discontinued)

New cards were previously included in Nexus Events, a random loot box system. However, this was quickly scrapped in favor of a better system to come later. Players were refunded their purchase and players were granted a free Jane Foster Mighty Thor card, the only one to be featured in the now-defunct Nexus Events.

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