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Unreleased Marvel Snap Cards: 52 Datamine Leaks

Unlike many other card games, in Marvel Snap cards are not released in expansions or sets – but new cards enter in Series. Each card hold a lot of weight and are released individually via the monthly Season Pass and other special events. Some cards that are not yet in the game have been revealed via gameplay trailers but a lot of them can now be confirmed by datamining the client. This includes all their Variants, and even Locations!

For a full breakdown on what’s new in Patch 9.16.0, check out our guide:

You can also take a look at the full list in our card database, collection manager, variant database, location database, and deck builder. We’re very excited to see what cards will come next – a lot of them look very powerful and very flavorful as well!

However, do keep in mind that the unreleased cards are not their final versions and can be changed when they are released. In fact, a lot of them have unspectacular effects and some even a duplicate ability of an existing card (e.g. War Machine and Ka-Zar). It is mostly a fun way to speculate what cards will be in the game in the future and check out their art.

Unreleased cards that can be created in game

Before we continue, we mentioned previously that many unreleased cards released here are not in their final form. However, some can actually be summoned in the game through Cards and Locations such as Agent 13, X-Mansion, The Hub, and District X. If you are fortunate enough, you may see cards not yet in the game sometimes show up as a random card for players, allowing us to temporarily enjoy their power.

How are new cards released?

Season Pass

1 new card is released with every new Season Pass. It generally starts and ends on the first Monday of each month. Purchasing a Premium Season Pass will immediately grant the new Base Card to players. Some seasons correlate with new Marvel movies and TV series, as a way of cross-promoting the franchise.

See below table for the complete list of Season Pass cards. From December 2022, cards initially enter as a Series 5 card when the season ends, and progressively downgraded to Series 4 and 3.

Season NameSeason DateCardAvailable Series 3Available Series 5
Atlantis Beach ClubJune 2022WaveAugust 8, 2022
Love and ThunderJuly 2022ThorSeptember 5, 2022
Heroes for HireAugust 2022DaredevilOctober 3, 2022
Sword and ShieldSeptember 2022Nick FuryNovember 7, 2022
Symbiote InvasionOctober 2022Miles MoralesDecember 5, 2022
Warriors of WakandaNovember 2022Black PantherDecember 5, 2022
The Power CosmicDecember 2022Silver SurferJanuary 2, 2023
Savage LandJanuary 2023ZabuFebruary 6, 2023

Nexus Events (Discontinued)

New cards were previously included in Nexus Events, a random loot box system. However, this was quickly scrapped in favor of a better system to come later. Players were refunded their purchase and players were granted a free Jane Foster card, the only one to be featured in the now-defunct Nexus Events.

Series 4 and 5 Cards

As an initial introduction to the new Collector’s Tokens and the Token Shop, 10 cards in Series 4 and 6 cards in Series 5 entered Marvel Snap with the November 29, 2022 patch.

New Card Acquisition System

Marvel Snap is looking to replace the now discontinued Nexus Events with a system to release new cards every week. We do not know what this might entail, but we’ll update everybody once we know more.

Unreleased Cards

Below is a gallery of the 52 unreleased Marvel Snap cards. Click on them for more information and theorycraft decklists!

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