Marvel Snap Emotes

Marvel Snap Emotes

Everything you need to know about Marvel Snap Emotes and card reactions, how to use them, and a preview of some upcoming ones.

Ever wonder when it’s appropriate to use emotes or when it’s not in Marvel Snap? What do the emotes really mean? Are we getting more emotes in the future? In this article, we will break down all of these questions and more as we dive into everything we know about Emotes!

New Emotes

New Loki and Odin Emotes have been leaked for the upcoming September 2023 Season themed around Loki!

What Are Emotes?

If you don’t already know, emotes are reactions you can use in matches to talk to your opponent without using words. You can access these by tapping your avatar during a match, and then selecting an option from the menu. After that, your emote displays to both you and your opponent. Easy enough, right?

What Are the Different Emotes For?

While the devs may have intended emotes to mean one thing, the community will make their own meanings over time. Below is a breakdown of each current emote and what the actual message they will convey:

Fist Bump
The most strait forward emote is the Hulk/Thing Fist bump. This sends a simple “good game” message to your opponent, whether that be from a loss or a win.

Thumbs Up!
In theory, this emote would mean “good job!” In reality, the community sees and uses this emote as a toxic emote or a “screw you” emote. This is due to the game’s lack of negative emotes, so the community created their own to communicate how they feel. The Ms. Marvel wink combined with a thumbs up makes the thumbs up feel like it has another meaning. Players will sometimes use this after an annoying play, such as after getting beaten by a Galactus activating, or an Armor dropping over a destroy setup. Moral of the story with this emote is avoid using it as a friendly message, as it may likely be ill recieved.

The arrow-riddled Deadpool emote is a simpler emote, meant to convey that something was misplayed. Using it after you mess up your own play is a silly way of saying “yes I know I messed up, oops…”. Using it when your opponent makes a mistake can be a bit more toxic, though not as much as the thumbs up.

Finger Point!
Did you and your opponent play the same cards? Spider-Man finger point! The classic meme had to be included in Snap, and is a great way to acknowledge a mirror match or similar plays. Many players also use this emote to point out they recognize their opponent by finger pointing at the start of a match!

The Thanos Snap, also known as the “gotcha” emote. There aren’t many friendly uses for this emote, as the coy face on Thanos suggests. It’s used as an aggressive way for a player to taunt their opponent or gloat their victory. Emote spammers will often combine this emote with the “Snap?” text box or the Thumbs Up emote to get under their opponents skin.

Alternate Usage For Fist Bump

In the Conquest mode, players will use the Fist Bump emote in the Proving Grounds. Typically, you will use the Fist Bump emote the moment the match starts along with snapping. This communicates to your opponent that you would like to make this Conquest match a 1 match session to grind Silver tickets and a few medals. Some players will combine the “Snap?” text with the Fist Bump to further the idea.

This of course does not guarantee a short Proving Grounds match, as your opponent may be more interested in testing their deck before going up the gauntlet. The emote does communicate to your opponent that your Snap is not intended to be toxic or to signify a perfect starting hand. Instead, it simply communicates you would like a quick, friendly match.

Card Reaction Emotes

A lesser known feature in Marvel Snap, you can use a different set of emotes on cards in a match! To do this, simply tap on any card in play, then tap on Second Dinner’s mascot “Fud”. From there, a small list of 3 emotes appear. These options include an angry emote, a shocked/impressed emote, and a stary-eyed/wow emote.

By tapping one of these emotes, the card you selected will show that emote over the card, letting your opponent know how you feel! Did you only lose the game due to a Cosmo? Angry emote the Cosmo! Did the opponent play a beautiful split of a super rare variant? Show your impressions with that Stary-eyed emote or the Shocked emote! Opponent high roll? Use the Shocked emote on the culprit!

On the flip side, you can also emote your own cards. Draw attention to your favorite card split or react to your own stellar play. You can also be more toxic and emote a frustrating play, like using your Leech or Juggernaut to mess up your opponent’s play.

How to Turn Off Emotes

If you find yourself easily tilted by emotes your opponent uses, or if your opponent spams them to mess with you, there is an easy solution! Simply tap on the opponent’s avatar in a match and tap “Mute”. This will silence them for the rest of the match.

Unfortunately, in Conquest mode you currently have to mute them every round, but hopefully this will change soon. There are also rumors of a global mute function coming that will disable all emotes for a player. This function, however, has not been confirmed by the developers, but rather mentioned by their support staff. So this legitimately of these rumors has yet to be confirmed.

Will There Be More Emotes Added?

At the 2023 San Diego ComicCon, Marvel Snap had a showcase that featured some upcoming emotes!

From what is shown, there are a large number of emotes in the works! Many of these emotes seem to be based on popular memes, making them easy to identify meaning from.

There also appear to be new card reaction emotes as well! Though these seem to be similar across the board, with the only difference being who the character is. There does, however, seem to be a new emote being added! It appears to be an “I can’t look” style of emote, which currently isn’t a possible reaction you can use.

It is currently unknown how these new emotes will be monetized. It is unlikely these emotes will be free as part of the collection track since they are art pieces created for the game.

Closing Thoughts

Emotes are a great way to liven up a match with silliness, tension, and aggressiveness, as well as let players react to events and cards. While the emote system now seems bare bones, the upcoming content definitely will add more excitement to the feature. If any updates happen to Emotes, we will make sure to update this guide accordingly.

Did we miss anything? Do you like to use emotes? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Im thinking it would be really cool if you could trade infinity splits for emotes. That would be a way to solve collection bloat while getting new stuff at the same time.

  2. The Snap Emote and “Snap?” text i only use as a taunt for all those, who snap in ranked in turn 1 and get beaten be my deck.
    So much arrogance has to be punished xD

  3. It would be great if an emotion was added to the game that would convey emotion due to the deliberate delaying of time by the opponent. For example, “look at the clock” by some hero.
    It was also great to add meme phrases: “What Did It Cost? Everything”.

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