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Marvel Snap Pool 3 (Series 3) Card Tier List: December 2022 The Power Cosmic Update

Wandering what the chase cards of Pool Three are? Here, we break down the staples and the duds of Marvel Snap's final and deepest pool of cards!

In Marvel Snap, you collect and unlock cards by increasing your Collection Level, which is done by upgrading your cards with the boosters you win from games. Each card is assigned to a “pool” or “series” of cards, which begin and end at specific collection levels. These vary quite dramatically in size, which you can see in the table below:

Series Three can be quite mysterious for many players: It’s where most of the “most powerful” cards in the game live, but it’s also very large, with many players still far away from having a complete collection, even with the help of the Token Shop! As such, it can be quite difficult to rank the cards in Series 3, 4 and 5, or even evaluate precisely how good a deck based on several Series 3 cards really is, as only enfranchised players really have a large selection of cards to try – the average player appears to complete Series Three somewhere close to Collector Level 2900 at time of writing.

For example, decks like DeathWave or Sera Miracle are routinely considered amongst the best decks in the game, and looking at the power they can develop, rightfully so. Yet, one can wonder what would happen if those decks became popular enough to be targeted, or simply if they would post the same results in an environment mostly made of other Series Three decks – as more players reach this stage, and as data acquisition improves, we slowly head toward finding out!

At the end of this article, I included a tier list of all the cards in Series Three, but did not go in the details of explaining every card like we did in previous articles for Pool One and Pool Two. It is purely based on our writers understanding of the game, and the limited experiences they’ve been able to have playing with and playing against these cards, so please take this tier list with a pinch of salt! However, it should still help you prioritize what cards to use your Collector’s Tokens on.

In this article, most of the cards we’ll take a moment to highlight would be worthy of an S Tier rank in another pool, and certainly deserve your attention if you open them, or play against them.

The Big Bads: Sera, Wong, Mystique, Destroyer and Wave

There was a time where I thought that this tier should only really contain Sera and Wong, but with the recent (albeit very light) nerfs, I think it’s fair to open up this tier to a few other of Series Three’s big hitters.

Sera is commonly believed to be the most powerful card in Marvel Snap. This isn’t shocking to many, as cost reduction mechanics are often one of the more powerful/dangerous things you can do in any card games, where cards are balanced on when/how you can play them. Sera allows for Turn 6 plays that simply are not possible without her (such as Iron Man + Mystique) , or can simply be used for hiding a very large amount of stats from the opponent until it’s too late to retreat. Sera has always remained as one of the kingpins of the game, and it’ll be interesting to see if they can maintain that stranglehold moving forward given it has recently lost a point of power, but also found itself in new shells with Silver Surfer – there’s still plenty to figure out in this puzzle just yet, but you’ll be happy to see Sera if you open her!

Wong is, in my opinion, one of the most fun cards Snap has to offer, and rightfully earns a place at the top of the list too. Commonly found doubling the effects of powerful On-Reveal cards such as Black Panther or White Tiger, Wong also turbocharges Discard synergies, and enables an “exodia” combo deck alongside Mystique, Onslaught and Gambit. Turn four is often the big setup turn for a lot of these decks based around having large, unmatched turn six’s, and Wong slots perfectly into those expected gameplans. Wong can be easily attacked if he becomes a dominate tool in the metagame through cards like Rogue and Cosmo, so don’t be afraid of him – but this effect is definitely very strong in a vacuum!

Wave is a contentious choice, and a card begrudged by those who didn’t have access to it in the first Season Pass offered during Beta. Now available through Pool Three progression, Wave is another card that fundamentally reduces the cost of cards, turning them into unexpected powerhouses. Wave can often also be used in combination with Odin to “soft-lock” your opponent from playing multiple cards in their final turns. She also works infamously well alongside Death and She-Hulk, a synergy you will no doubt see plenty of in your Marvel SNAP journey!

Destroyer is a fan favourite deck, and you can see why – a 15 power card that just destroys every other card is big, flashy and cool. With sweet ways to counteract the On Reveal, like Cosmo , ways to protect certain locations, such as Armor and Professor X, and cards that want to be destroyed like Bucky Barnes and Nova, Destroyer does a great job at typing the room together. Destroyer is now the key build-around of a consistently top-tier deck, Ongoing Destroyer, and as a result, it seemed fair to move him up to the top tier here as well.

Lastly, Mystique is the other card I have graduated to S Tier with this latest update, after recommending her as a high priority buy in our Token Shop video. Not only is Mystique often the glue holding decks like Patriot, Cerebro, Wong Reveal, Sera Miracle and more together – but the truth is as more cards are released, her unique, irreplaceable effect gains more uses. I don’t see Mystique slipping out of the top tier of play any time soon, so I’ve rightfully moved her up too!

Deck Defining Cards And Other Powerhouses:

While not as game-defining as the above cards, Pool Three also contains several cards that pioneer entire archetypes around them – the very definition of a “build-around”.

These are cards that you should be excited to open, as they grant new opportunities in terms of gameplay, and are powerful enough to make other synergistic cards good.

The namesake card of the Deathpool/Deathwave decks, Death is just the best payoff for destroying your own cards. Often partnered alongside other final turn plays once costing zero to three, Death allows for turn six stats that are often unmatched. Notably, she plays extremely well with Wave, a synergy that works the way you’d hope it would, and has recently grown even stronger with the introduction of She-Hulk!

A once game-defining card, Mister Negative was recently hit with the nerf-bat, bringing him closer in line with the rest of the card pool. A very unique effect that allows for both otherwise underpowered cards to be extremely powerful, or turbocharges existing powerhouses like Iron Man or Mystique, Mister Negative is yet another card that enables play patterns that no other card can. He’s also the type of card that continues to get better as new cards are released, and more cards are nerfed/buffed – be sure to keep your eyes on Mr Negative, there’s a good chance he can creep back up into the spotlight in the future!

Lockjaw offers such a unique effect, it’s hard to argue with the impact it has on the game – it’s so unique that entire decks are built solely around it. Once again, this core concept of “cheating things into play” is what allows Lockjaw to thrive, often pulling large threats like Magneto or Doctor Doom from the deck as early as Turn Three. Additionally, Lockjaw can reuse some powerful on-reveal effects by putting them back into the deck to draw (or Lockjaw into) again later.

Patriot, much like Lockjaw, is another effect so unique that an entire deck is built solely around it: There’s less to say on this one, but such a large anthem effect is powerful enough to breathe life into some otherwise lower power cards like Ultron, especially when duplicated with Mystique or Onslaught!

Lastly, a mention to Leader – in terms of cards that “feel” like cheating, few really one-up Leader, because when he’s good, he’s really really good – if you’re already ahead in two locations against a reasonable number of decks, Leader turns that game into a unlosable one, while also being the perfect anti-meta tool in a world where Deathwave becomes too strong. Leader is simply another effect that is irreplaceable, and arguably the most splashable and swingy one at that!

Series Three Card Tier List – December 2022 The Power Cosmic Update

As previously mentioned, we suggest taking this Pool Three Tier List with a pinch of salt, as it’s still very difficult to gauge the power and impact of several of these cards across the wider player base. With that said, here is our understanding of Pool Three currently:

S TierSera
Tier ADeath
Mister Negative
Doctor Doom
The Hood
Green Goblin
Tier BMagik
Arnim Zola
Colleen Wing
Ghost Rider
Tier CHazmat
Human Torch
Miles Morales
Black Widow
Captain Marvel
Invisible Woman
Moon Knight
Red Skull
Doctor Octopus
Typhoid Mary
Nick Fury
Tier DRonan the Accuser
Baron Mordo
Jane Foster Mighty Thor
Adam Warlock
Black Cat
Omega Red
Agatha Harkness
Black Bolt

Closing Words

Pool Three will likely forever be the most meta-defining pool in the game, especially as it continues to grow with more cards added. Until we have a larger sample size, and more players jamming these powerhouse cards into each other, it’ll be hard to know exactly what cards are powerful mainstays, and what are simply underpowered build arounds.

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I’ve been HowlingMines, You’ve been amazing.

Stay safe out there!

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