Thanos and Galactus from Series 5

Marvel Snap Ultra Rare Series 5 (Pool 5) Cards: Full List and Guide (Collection Level 486+)

The full list of 6 Marvel Snap cards in Series (Pool) 5, and a guide on how to obtain them.

In Marvel Snap, the main way you acquire cards is via the Mystery Card rewards that appear every so often on the Collection Level Road (for the full breakdown of how this works, read our progression guide and our card upgrade guide). These Mystery Cards aren’t completely random pulls from the whole library of cards in the game. There is a set pool of cards that it pulls from (officially called “Series”), until you obtain all of them and progress into the next pool. This depends on the specified range of Collection Level.

From Collection Level 500 onwards, all players will have completed the Series (Pool) 1 and 2 cards, and will begin collecting cards from Series (Pool) 3, 4, and 5. This is where it gets more interesting as the pool of cards to draw from is larger, and varied in power level. As more players reach this point in the game, the diversity of decks will likely to be seen more as players have a more variety of cards to experiment with.

How to Obtain Series 5 Cards

Collector’s Reserves

New Series 4 and 5 cards are contained inside the Collector’s Reserve that can be found from level 1000 onwards. It will have a 25% chance of containing a Mystery Card from Series (Pool) 3, 4, or 5.

  • Series 4 cards can be found whether you have all the Series 3 cards or not. These cards are 10 times more rare than Series 3 cards.
  • Series 5 can also be found in the same way, but cards are 10 times rarer than Series 4 cards.
  • When new cards are released, or when Season Pass cards are no longer available in their Season Pass, they’ll be temporarily added to Series 5.
  • Over time, some cards will be moved down from Series 5 to Series 4, and some cards will be moved from Series 4 to 3.
RewardSeries 4 %Series 5 %
Collector’s Cache2.5%0.25%
Collector’s Reserve2.5%0.25%

For the full contents and drop rates, see the dedicated guide on Cache Drop Rates and Contents: Collector’s Cache, Collector’s Reserve, Season Cache!

Collector’s Tokens

Collector’s Tokens are one way of obtaining Series 3, 4, and 5 cards from the Token Shop. This is a new currency that will be contained in Collector’s Caches and Reserves to replace Boosters. It will have a 25% chance to drop 100 Tokens each, but once players have all of the Series 3 cards, they’ll have an additional ~22% chance to get 400 Tokens.

Collector’s Tokens then can be used to purchase cards from the Token Shop:

Series 3 Card1000 Tokens
Series 4 Card3000 Tokens
Ultimate Variant5000 Tokens
Series 5 Card6000 Tokens

If you collected all Series 3 cards, you will see the following rates in the Token Shop:

SeriesRate %
Series 4 Card62.5%
Series 5 Card31.25%
Ultimate Variant6.25%

For the full guide, see the dedicated guide on Collector’s Tokens and Token Shop!

Season Pass Cards

Newly released cards from Season Passes are exclusive to players who purchase the Premium Season Pass. From Black Panther (November 2022 Season) onwards, when cards become no longer available in their Season Pass, they will be temporarily added to Series 5 in Collector’s Reserves or the Token Shop as soon as the season ends.

See below table for the complete list of Season Pass cards, and whether they are available in the Series 3 or 5 pool:

Season NameSeason DateCardAvailable Series 3Available Series 5
Atlantis Beach ClubJune 2022WaveAugust 8, 2022
Love and ThunderJuly 2022ThorSeptember 5, 2022
Heroes for HireAugust 2022DaredevilOctober 3, 2022
Sword and ShieldSeptember 2022Nick FuryNovember 7, 2022
Symbiote InvasionOctober 2022Miles MoralesDecember 5, 2022
Warriors of WakandaNovember 2022Black PantherDecember 8, 2022
The Power CosmicDecember 2022Silver SurferJanuary 5, 2023
Savage LandJanuary 2023ZabuFebruary 9, 2023

Here is the full list of 6 cards from Collection Series / Pool 5 known so far. If you want to check out some preliminary theorycraft decks, check out all the Pool 5 decks!


Marvel Snap Collection Series 5 Card List

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Card Name

Thanos’ Infinity Stones

Card Name
Mind Stone
Power Stone
Reality Stone
Soul Stone
Space Stone
Time Stone

Upcoming Series 5 Cards

New cards are added to Series 5 on a nearly weekly cadence. Check out the schedule for more information.

Card NameRelease Date
Black PantherDecember 8, 2022
KnullDecember 13, 2022
SentryDecember 20, 2022
DarkhawkDecember 20, 2022

The order and even the method the cards are awarded is subject to change. We will, of course, keep you posted on any changes. So stay tuned to Marvel Snap Zone for more coverage!

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