Series Drop April 2023

Marvel Snap Series Drop April 2023

Marvel Snap has announced its downgrade of Series 4 and 5 cards planned for the next patch on April 18, 2023!

Marvel Snap has announced the Series Drop for April 2023, which will happen in the next patch scheduled for April 18, 2023. Also remember that as per the game’s Balance Future announcement, there are no weekly over the air (OTA) balance changes until next week!

Series Drop April 2023
April 2023 Series Drop
5 to 44 to 3
GhostBlack Panther

The cards for the April 2023 Series Drop were predicted correctly based on the chronological order of card releases and previous Series Drops. For future card releases and expected Series Drop schedules, check out our guide:

Series 5 to 4

Stature and Ghost, while interesting cards, never took off as players were always reluctant to spend the full 6,000 Collector’s Tokens on them. Hopefully, their play rate should increase much more with this Series Drop and produce some cool decks in the process!

MODOK has also become a staple in Discard decks, and should be useful as one of your upgrades your current deck.

Remember, players will eventually get the First Edition Badge (not yet implemented in game) to these cards if you obtain them before they drop in Series.

Series 4 to 3

Shuri and co made their way from Series 5 to 4 on January 2023, making them the first cards to do go all the way from Series 5 to 3. Shuri is likely to get nerfed a bit in the April 18 patch (now that it becomes downgraded to Series 3…), so keep that in mind if you are still aiming to obtain the card.

Bast, and Valkyrie on the other hand, are proving to be staples of the meta with their powerful abilities. They are definitely worth considering as a solid package to include in a variety of decks, as we cover in our recent card package strategy guide:

Lastly, Super-Skrull should show more of its usefulness now that players don’t have to spend Collector’s Tokens on it.

These cards will be offered as your free Series 3 card for the season on April 18th if you have not claimed it yet. You can also pin them now as a Series 4 card, and when the patch drops the developers have confirmed that their price will go down to 1,000 tokens so it won’t use up your free Series 3 card!

What do you think? Will you be pinning any of the cards right away? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I’ve stopped opening caches this season so I don’t accidentally open super Skrull as a 4 drop and I don’t waste my free 3 drop from the shop. 17 queued up for far 🙂

  2. My freebie token shop says i claimed my free card for this season, although my last claim was Attuma when he droped last season,, since i m series 3 complete(CL 4500+).Is this a bug or some thing, or should i be able to choose one between Bast and Valkyrie, since i got the other 2 that are droping??

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