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Development Roadmap

Marvel Snap Development Roadmap

As Marvel Snap gears up for global release on October 18, 2022, the team released a Development Roadmap, sharing everything that is being coming and being worked on in Marvel Snap. Check out the full post below, or you can…

Emerging Decks And Concepts With Patch 6.9.

The long-awaited patch is allowing for brand new cards and decks to attack the metagame! Join Den_CCG as he studies how old decks have adapted, new decks have formed, and what cards stand to shine in this new metagame!
3 Good Nick Fury Decks from Data

3 Good Nick Fury Decks from Data

Second Dinner’s Principal Data Scientist and Game Designer Tian Ding, has shared with his followers on Twitter three decks that feature the new card – – from the Sword and Shield Season Pass. According to Tian Ding, these three decks…

Marvel Snap Patch 3.1.0 Notes - July 29, 2022

Marvel Snap Patch 3.1.0 Notes – July 29, 2022

Marvel Snap’s latest update is now live, following Ben Brode’s announcement on the discontinuation of Nexus Events. Marvel Snap’s monetization and its economy model has been under scrutiny in recent days, with various changes to the system since its beta…

Patch Notes – June 8, 2022

Marvel Snap Patch Notes – June 8, 2022

The first official Marvel Snap Patch Notes are out! Now launched for iOS and Android in the Philippines region, today’s brief patch notes puts emphasis on a slight change to player progression. Of note, the Card Art Variant rewards have…

Marvel Snap June 2022 Developer Update

Marvel Snap June 2022 Developer Update

Check out the latest video from the Marvel Snap team, highlighting June 2022 with a soft launch to the Philippines region for iOS and Android, and the first season Atlantis Beach Club: In our first ever developer update, Ben Brode…