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Marvel Snap Card Rarity: Guide to Upgrading Your Cards and Variants to Increase Collection Level

Marvel Snap cards have seven levels of rarity, and upgrading them allows players to advance their Collection Level. Find out how it all works in this guide.

Cards and their Variants in Marvel Snap have seven levels of Rarity. Upgrading cards allows players to advance their Collection Level, which in turn gives new cards and various rewards. For further details on player progression, check out our dedicated guide.

What are the Card Rarities?

The rarity of the cards are depicted by the border color. Both Base Card and Variants can be upgraded using a combination of Credits and Boosters, and doing so increases your Collection Level as depicted in the table below:

RarityBorder ColorEffectBooster CostCredit CostCollection Level
CommonGreyNormal card art
UncommonGreenArt breaks out of the frame5 Boosters25 Credits+1
RareBlueArt gains a 3D effect10 Boosters100 Credits+2
EpicPurpleArt gains an animation20 Boosters200 Credits+4
LegendaryOrangeLogo on the card becomes shiny30 Boosters300 Credits+6
UltraRed?Card border becomes animated40 Boosters400 Credits+8
InfinityFoilSplit the card into two copies and adds a visual effect50 Boosters500 Credits+10
  • Note that Variant cards essentially functions as a separate card and is not linked to their base card in anyway; it can be upgraded in rarity level independently of the base version.
  • The rarity upgrade is strictly cosmetic and do not affect the card’s power in any way.

How can I upgrade my cards?

Credits is the main currency in Marvel Snap which is used to upgrade cards. They can be obtained in many ways, such as Daily Missions, Season Passes, Collection Level Road, or purchasing them with Gold.

Boosters are tied to a card and their variants, which are earned naturally through playing. The Boosters you earn are dictated by the cards in the deck you play the game with. You can use the Fast Upgrade section of the Shop to purchase Boosters. However, for many players, Credits will be the main bottleneck to progression, and Boosters will build up as they play so this is not recommended.

As we can see in the above table, upgrading a card from a Common to an Uncommon is the most cost-efficient upgrade. Earn Boosters of Common cards by including them in your deck to level them up as well!

What is a Collection Level?

Increasing your Collection Level is Marvel Snap’s method of progression, allowing players to unlock new cards and obtain various rewards in between. In addition, new cards are unlocked according to the “Pool” of cards in their range of Collection Levels, as per the below table:

Pool #Collection Level #Card #DecksTier List
Pool OneCollection Level 18 – 21446 cardsDecksTier List
Pool TwoCollection Level 222 – 47425 cardsDecksTier List
Pool ThreeCollection Level 486+74 cardsDecksTier List

What is an Infinity Split and how does it work?

Nova Infinity Split
Nova Infinity Split

Once at the Infinity rarity (the highest level), the card is split into a second copy that starts at Common again but with an additional visual effect, which shows that that card is an Infinity version. The icon depicts the type of split.

After that, you can then begin upgrading that card again, with those respective effects stacking on top of your Infinity effect. Each split adds more cool visual effects, and players are still exploring them! Check out our full guide on Infinity Splits here:

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