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Marvel Snap Titles – Full List and Guide

Full up to date list of player Titles, how to obtain and use them.

With Patch 8.7.1, Marvel Snap introduced fun player Titles to be displayed below the player’s profile in-game. Along with player Avatars, and the ability to change names every 30 days, this feature allows further customization to your profile!

The Most Juicy Title shown below the player name
The “Most Juicy” Title shown below the player name

How do I obtain Titles?

Titles have a 7.5% chance to be obtained from Collector’s Reserves that can be found in the Collection Level Road rewards starting at Collection Score 1006. Essentially, it is contained as a cosmetic item in one of your set of four caches. For more information check out our guide on reward caches in Marvel Snap and our progression guide on how to increase your Collection Score.

Exclusive Titles can also be rewarded via Events, Season Passes, and Ranked Rewards.

How do I choose my Title?

When you obtain your first Title, you can head to your profile (where you can see your Avatar on the top-middle of the screen). Press the “Title” button on the bottom right of the screen and select your desired Title from the ones you’ve collected so far. You can also customize your name every 30 days to get some interesting combinations!

Marvel Snap Titles – The Complete List

The complete list of titles currently available (as of Version 11.18.1) has been datamined thanks to You can head to your Collection page and check the ones you have, and even use any of them in your Marvel Snap Zone Profile!

  • Est. 2022
  • Part-Time Avenger
  • Please Do Not Step on Me
  • Just Excited To Be Here
  • Tacos After This?
  • The Conqueror
  • Have I Defeated You Before?
  • This Could Have Been an Email
  • What Is This? Wizard Poker?
  • Anyone Seen My Brain?
  • Hold My Root Beer
  • I Am Streaming This LIVE
  • Definitely Not Ultron
  • This Is Important To Me
  • I Have Been Allotted This Win
  • Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee
  • If You Win, You Ruin My Day
  • Currently Procrastinating
  • As Seen On TV
  • The Tank
  • Foolish Mortal
  • Guardian Of The Galaxy
  • Gooey Yet Firm
  • Honorary Avenger
  • Eatin’ Schwarma
  • 100% Beef
  • Mistakes Were Made
  • I’m An Influencer
  • Follow Me On Twitter
  • Kind Of A Jerk
  • I’m With Magneto
  • Arm-Wrestling Champion
  • Happy Holidays!
  • Mostly In Control
  • Happy Halloween!
  • It’s My Birthday
  • And The Funky Bunch
  • Ten Tons Of Raw Fury
  • Here Comes A Fastball Special
  • My CL Is Higher Than Yours
  • I’m Only A Child
  • I’m In The Discord
  • Snap On Turn 1 Or No Guts
  • At Least I Used to Be
  • I’m A Computer, Actually
  • Turn 6 I Do Nothing
  • May The Worst Player Win
  • Sometimes Fortunate
  • Be My Valentine
  • Whasssssuuuup
  • Ho Ho Ho!
  • Holly And Also Jolly
  • ‘Tis The Season… To Lose
  • On The Naughty List
  • As Performed By Dazzler
  • The Weather Here Sucks
  • My Gift To You Is Green Goblin
  • Happy New Year!
  • For I’m A Jolly Good Player
  • My Resolution Is To Beat You
  • The Gift That Keeps On Giving
  • I Got a Rock
  • In The Future, I Win
  • Wolverine Is My Spirit Animal
  • Sentinels Need Love Too
  • Yes, All 24oz
  • The Apocalypse Sucks
  • Guess Who’s Back?
  • Please Rub My Belly
  • Who’s A Good Boy?
  • Not Potty Trained
  • Fleas Have ME
  • Unleashed
  • Let The Dogs Out
  • Food Motivated
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Absolute Garbage
  • Beware Of ME
  • Marking Your Deck
  • Will Snap For Treats
  • Cold Blooded
  • On Reveal: You Lose
  • Sucking It Up
  • I Love You
  • Are You… My Soulmate?
  • Happy Lunar New Year!
  • Bit Smelly But Otherwise Fine
  • I’m Here For This
  • Poor, Unfortunate Soul
  • Isn’t Sus
  • Merc With A Mouth
  • Did You Say Chimichanga?
  • Not Very Good
  • Steam Powered
  • Fully Leatherclad
  • The Goggles Do Nothing!
  • Of The Year
  • Or is it?
  • AKA “The Boss”
  • Lethal Protector
  • Friendly Neighbor
  • Slightly Radioactive
  • Flippant Flipper
  • Korg Fan Club
  • 90s was the Best Decade
  • Object of Ridicule
  • Playing Agatha
  • Ego = Snap
  • Survived Thanos
  • Flammable, Stay Back
  • Do You Even Lift, Bro
  • Extra Crunchy
  • This Is My Full-Time Job
  • If You Snap I Slap
  • Got a Bad Feeling About This
  • Ego, Take The Wheel
  • Thanos Was Right
  • Embarrassment To My Family
  • Introverted
  • Beaten But Not Fully Dead
  • Capable of Greatness, Perhaps
  • Yes, Why Do You Ask
  • The One and Only
  • The Fourth
  • Never Lucky
  • This Matchmaking Sucks
  • This Is My First Game, Go Easy
  • Can Lift Mjolnir
  • Horrible, But Not In THAT Way
  • Fragrant
  • Always Snaps
  • Mom Said This Is My Last Game
  • I Whine On The Internet
  • If I Lose, Do Not Take Credit
  • I’m Sorry It Has Come to This
  • Your Old Nemesis
  • I’m Outside Your House
  • Should Really Drink More Water
  • “Working” From Home
  • I Am On The Toilet
  • I Don’t Have A Title I Like Yet
  • Bronze Rank Pride
  • All Rights Reserved
  • HEY. Calm Down
  • My Child Is An Honor Student
  • Evil Twin
  • But Not The Real One
  • Ballin’ Out Of Control
  • From The Top Rope
  • Is Bringing The Thunder
  • Yoghurt, Son
  • Cool Cool Cool
  • Foils Only
  • Rapidly Decomposing
  • Rhymes With Orange
  • Professor X’s Best Friend
  • Top Chef
  • Most Juicy
  • Lumberjack Extraordinaire
  • Really Really Hot
  • I Got Dem Variants
  • I Survived Nexus Events
  • A Bit Of A Scientist
  • Built Like A Truck
  • Herald Of Galactus
  • Herald Of Goose
  • That’s No Moon!
  • The Silver Couch Surfer
  • I Will Spare Your Puny Planet
  • Not a Puny Mortal!
  • Insatiable Hunger (For Tacos)
  • Cosmic Is My Stage Name
  • Rider Of The Silver Scooter
  • Don’t Worry I Don’t Bite
  • Met Nick Fury Once
  • Beware Of Dog
  • Zabu, No, Bad Kitty
  • Why Yes, That Is A Loincloth
  • Raised By Wolves
  • Technically Not Tarzan
  • Really Really Dirty
  • My Other Ride Is An Ant
  • Ant-Man Could’ve Killed Thanos
  • Honey, I Shrunk The Heroes
  • Couple Cubes Short Of A Rank

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