Card release schedule - 05.09.23

Marvel Snap New Card Release, Spotlight Cache, and Series Drop Schedule

We outline the release dates and schedule of upcoming new Marvel Snap cards, Spotlight Caches, and Series Drop, as well as information on how to obtain them.

New unreleased Marvel Snap cards are primarily released via Season Passes and one new card is introduced as a Series 5 or Series 4 card on a weekly cadence via Spotlight Caches and the Token Shop. In this guide, we outline the release date and schedule of new cards Marvel Snap, when they will be featured in Spotlight Caches, when they undergo a Series Drop, and how they are obtained.

Card release schedule - 05.09.23

Marvel Snap Card Release and Spotlight Cache Schedule

Spotlight Caches appear every 120 Collection Levels above 490, and can contain a Series 4 or 5 card. Each week, there are three cards and their Spotlight variants featured. For individual posts regarding the monthly Spotlight Cache schedule, click here.

Marvel Snap Card Release and Series Drop Schedule

New cards are introduced to Marvel Snap as a Season Pass card or a Series 4 or 5 card, and they cost 3,000 or 6,000 Collector’s Tokens from the Token Shop, respectively. Series Drops are now not on a schedule and can happen at any time.

  • Dates in Red: Staying in Series 4 until further announcements.
  • Season Pass card: Added to Series 5 after their season ends.
  • Big Bad card: Not planned to be ever downgraded from Series 5.
Card NameSeries 5Series 4Series 3
Absorbing ManNov 29, 22Jan 31, 23
Luke CageNov 29, 22Jan 31, 23
She-HulkNov 29, 22Jan 31, 23
TitaniaNov 29, 22Jan 31, 23
Agent CoulsonNov 29, 22Feb 21, 23
HelicarrierNov 29, 22Feb 21, 23
Maria HillNov 29, 22Feb 21, 23
AttumaNov 29, 22Mar 21, 23
M'BakuNov 29, 22Mar 21, 23
OrkaJan 10, 23Mar 21, 23
BastNov 29, 22Jan 31, 23Apr 18, 23
ShuriNov 29, 22Jan 31, 23Apr 18, 23
Super-SkrullNov 29, 22Jan 31, 23Apr 18, 23
ValkyrieNov 29, 22Jan 31, 23Apr 18, 23
GalactusNov 29, 22
ThanosNov 29, 22
Black Panther
Nov 8, 2022
Dec 6, 22Jan 31, 23Apr 18, 23
KnullDec 13, 22Feb 21, 23
SentryDec 20, 22Feb 21, 23May 16, 23
DarkhawkDec 20, 22Feb 21, 23
Silver Surfer
Dec 6, 2022
Jan 3, 23Feb 21, 23May 16, 23
SauronJan 10, 23Mar 21, 23May 16, 23
ShannaJan 17, 23Mar 21, 23Jun 13, 23
DazzlerJan 24, 23Mar 21, 23May 16, 23
Shadow KingJan 31, 23Mar 21, 23May 16, 23
Jan 3, 2023
Feb 7, 23Mar 21, 23
GhostFeb 14, 23Apr 18, 23May 16, 23
StatureFeb 21, 23Apr 18, 23
KangFeb 28, 23
Feb 7, 2023
Mar 7, 23Apr 18, 23
Master MoldMar 14, 23May 16, 23
Negasonic Teenage WarheadMar 21, 23May 16, 23
Kitty PrydeMar 28, 23
Mar 7, 2023
Apr 4, 23May 16, 23
SnowguardApr 11, 23Jun 13, 23
Jeff the Baby Land SharkApr 18, 23
StegronApr 25, 23Jun 13, 23
Hit Monkey
Apr 4, 2023
May 2, 23
Iron LadMay 9, 23
Howard the DuckMay 16, 23
High EvolutionaryMay 23, 23
The Living TribunalMay 30, 23
May 2, 2023
Jun 6, 23
SilkJun 13, 23
Spider-HamJun 20, 23
Spider-Man 2099Jun 27, 23
June 6, 2023
Jul 4, 23
Jean GreyJul 11, 23
EchoJul 18, 23
LegionJul 25, 23
MirageAug 1, 23
The Phoenix Force
July 4, 2023
Aug 8, 23
Lady DeathstrikeAug 15, 23
X-23Aug 22, 23
Silver SamuraiAug 29, 23
August 8, 2023
Sep 5, 23
AliothSep 12, 23
Ravonna RenslayerSep 19, 23
Mobius M. MobiusSep 26, 23
September 5, 2023
Oct 3, 23
Man-ThingOct 10, 23
Black KnightOct 17, 23
Nico MinoruOct 24, 23
Werewolf By NightOct 31, 23
Elsa Bloodstone
October 3, 2023
Nov 7, 23
GladiatorNov 14, 23
AnnihilusNov 21, 23
MartyrNov 28, 23
Ms. Marvel
November 7, 2023
Dec 5, 23
FirestarDec 12, 23
HavokDec 19, 23
SeleneDec 26, 23
Sebastian Shaw
December 5, 2023
Jan 2, 24

New Cards

Players can expect to acquire newly released cards in Marvel Snap through the following ways:

Series 4 and 5

New cards that are released as either Series 4 or Series 5 cards and can be obtained through random chance in the Collector’s Caches and Reserves, or via Collector’s Tokens and the Token Shop. For guides on what cards are available in each Series, their ratings, and decks check out our guides below:

“Big Bad” Series 5 Cards

The follow cards are classified as “Big Bad” cards that are not planned to be ever downgraded from Series 5:

“Indefinite” Series 4 Cards

The follow cards have been confirmed to be staying in Series 4 until further announcements. As we yet do not have any precedence, we cannot say how long they might stay in Series 4.

Season Pass

Each month starts a new season for Marvel Snap, where players are able to purchase the Premium Season Pass to obtain the new card for the season. This card is then added as a Series 5 card after the season ends. For a detailed guide, check out our guide on Seasons:

Series Drop

With the monthly update patch (not with the start of a new season or daily reset time), cards are demoted from Series 5 to 4, and 4 to 3 to make them easier for players to obtain. You can find the history of Series Drops and upcoming announcements here and information about Series here.

Initially, all cards were on the same schedule starting in Series 5, dropping to Series 4 and eventually Series 3. According to the latest May 2023 update in the card acquisition model however, there will be more flexibility in what cards drop series and when. Examples include:

  • Preserving the Series of a card, like the “Big Bads” Thanos and Galactus and “indefinite” Series 4 cards such as Darkhawk and Knull.
  • A card may go from Series 5 directly to Series 3 to give it more play rate.
  • A monthly series drop may even be skipped entirely when the meta looks fun and healthy.

These decisions will be made on a card-by-card basis based on data and player feedback instead of applying a blanket rule to all cards and will not be predictable going forward.

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  1. Marvel Snap New Card Schedule – January 2023 – Dazzler, Shadow King, MODOK, Kang, and More!

    What do you mean with “More!” There is no more announcements beyond Shadow King and MODOK…

  2. Very little hype for the new cards, because nobody can play them.
    I was excited for the Series drop. I saved 10 reserves and 10k credits. I opened Luke Cage and Titania, but ZERO Series 4/5 cards. I genuinely believe Snap has the worst economy of any digital CG. 🙁

  3. High Evolutionary will be fore sure one of the big bad. It will be in the film Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Same as Kang that it was inside Ant-Man.

  4. On this month, they’ve changed the series drop logic I presume. They didn’t dropped Knull and Darkhawk to Series 3. I was expecting both of them. It seems the series drop won’t be regular as before. They might keep popular cards on series 4/5. I hope they’ll increase the drop rate of them.

  5. Howard the Duck remains the most elusive card in the game. As of the start of November, He’ll be the only Series 5 card that’s never been in a spotlight at all. And Stegron is gonna be the only Series 4. I wonder if they’re going to drop Howard right into Pool 3.

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