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Marvel Snap Series (Pool) Guide: What Does It Mean?

An in-depth guide on how the Marvel Snap Pool and Series card acquisition system works.

One of the most frequently asked questions when new players start to explore Marvel Snap is a term that many players use when referring to cards: Pools, Series, what does it all mean? In this guide, we will explain the definition as clearly as possible. For the context of progression and collecting cards, check out our dedicated guide:

What is a Pool?

During Marvel Snap’s beta phase, players discovered that as they climbed up the Collection Level Road, the cards that they obtained was not completely random. They dubbed this system as Pools. Essentially, players start unlocking cards in Pool 1 in a random order, and once they collected them all, they will start unlocking cards in Pool 2. After Pool 2 is finished, players will enter Pool 3.

Collection Level
Start of the Collection Level Road

Below is the breakdown of the complete list of cards, Collection Levels, decks, and tier lists for the Pools and Series as a quick reference point. We will go through each Pool in more detail below.

What is a Series?

Series is the official term used by Marvel Snap, as an interchangeable term for Pools – am unofficial term that was not fully acknowledged by the developers until now. With changes to the card acquisition system for Series 4 and Series 5 cards through Collector’s Tokens (according to the announcement, and explained in the section further below), the term makes more sense.

Here on Marvel Snap Zone, we will start to use both terms, and progressively transition to refer to the term Series as we update and post new articles to prevent player confusion.

Pool 1 and Pool 2 Cards

After players complete the tutorial, play a few games, and start upgrading cards, we start randomly unlocking Pool 1 cards from Collection Level 18 to 214, via Mystery Cards that are rewarded every 4 to 6 Collection Levels. There are 46 cards in total, introducing players to the different archetypal abilities in the game such as Destroy, Discard, Move, On Reveal, and Ongoing effects. Players will make quick work of this section as they work through their resources such as Credits and Gold.

Pool 2 cards are also from Mystery Cards that range from Collection Level 222 to 474 every 8 to 12 Collection Levels. There are only 25 cards in total, that augment the existing archetypes, or tech cards that are much more specific in their use.

Series 3 Cards

This is where Marvel Snap’s journey truly starts. Series 3 (Pool 3) cards start from Collection Level 486 and indefinitely. There are currently 76 cards in total, and cards here start to get more powerful and create more variety in decks as players unlock different cards and different times. Make sure to check out our mega guide if you are just starting out in Pool 3:

This is where the card acquisition system changes slightly as cards are not guaranteed unlike Mystery Cards in Pool 1 and 2. Instead, players will obtain Collector’s Cache and Collectors Reserves, which have a chance to contain a Series 3 card. Below is a comparison table between the two Caches:

Collector’s Cache
Level 500 to 1000
RewardCollector’s Reserve
Level 1006+
50%Series 3 Card25%Series 3 Card
15%150 Credits15%200 Credits
5%300 Credits5%400 Credits
15%15 Boosters15%20 Boosters
5%30 Boosters5%40 Boosters
10%150 Gold10%200 Gold
  • Series 3 cards are currently guaranteed in 9 caches.

You can always find the latest drop rate tables in our guide below:

Players are also able to find past Season Pass exclusive cards in Pool 3:

Season NameSeason DateCardAvailable Series 3
Atlantis Beach ClubJune 2022WaveAugust 8, 2022
Love and ThunderJuly 2022ThorSeptember 5, 2022
Heroes for HireAugust 2022DaredevilOctober 3, 2022
Sword and ShieldSeptember 2022Nick FuryNovember 7, 2022
Symbiote InvasionOctober 2022Miles MoralesDecember 5, 2022

Series 4 and Series 5 Cards

As announced on Marvel Snap’s December 2022 Developer Update, players will be able to start collecting 10 new cards in Series 4, and 6 new cards in Series 5. These will be the new flashy cards being introduced into the Marvel Snap ecosystem going forward.

Unlike the previous defined Pools, players can start collecting Series 4 and 5 cards even if they have not completed collecting Pool 3 cards – albeit much more rarely. Over time, new cards in Series 4 and 5 will be downgraded to Series below so that they are easier to obtain.

In the new update, the new drop rate table will apply for Collector’s Caches and Reserves:

Collector’s Cache
Level 500 to 1000
RewardCollector’s Reserve
Level 1006+
47.25%Series 3 Card22.25%Series 3 Card
400 Collector’s Tokens if Series 3 complete
2.5%Series 4 Card2.5%Series 4 Card
0.25%Series 5 Card0.25%Series 5 Card
10%200 Credits10%300 Credits
5%350 Credits5%400 Credits
10%150 Gold10%200 Gold
10%100 Collector’s Tokens25%100 Collector’s Tokens
10%Rare Variant
7.5%Rare Avatar
7.5%Rare Title
  • Series 4 cards will be guaranteed in 40 caches.
  • Series 3 cards will be guaranteed in 7 caches.

Starting from December 2022, Players are also able to find past Season Pass exclusive cards in Series 5, which will be also progressively demoted to Series 4 and 3 as time goes:

Season NameSeason DateCardAvailable Series 4Available Series 5
Warriors of WakandaNovember 2022Black Panther?December 5, 2022
The Power CosmicDecember 2022Silver Surfer?January 2, 2023
Savage LandJanuary 2023Zabu?February 6, 2023

Collector’s Tokens and the Token Shop

As previously mentioned, to facilitate targeted card acquisition, the Collector’s Token is a new currency that will be introduced in the next Marvel Snap update, contained in the caches as detailed above. They can be used to purchase rotating cards from the Token Shop, from among cards that the player does not yet own from Series 3, 4 and 5.

SeriesCollector’s Tokens
Series 3 Card1,000 Tokens
Series 4 Card3,000 Tokens
Ultimate Variants5,000 Tokens
Series 5 Card6,000 Tokens

More details can be found in the guide below:

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