Welcome to the Marvel Snap database! The database features the latest Marvel Snap information, such as cards, locations, variants, missions, events, and much more. They are the building blocks of the game, and allow us to create content based around them. We are always looking to improve, and all feedback is welcome – be sure to contact us should you wish to contribute in any way!

CardsCards are the standard component of the game, represented by the iconic heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe, most with special abilities to help you win the game.
LocationsLocations are where players can play their cards, with most having special unique effects on cards that are placed on them.
VariantsVariants are alternate art versions of a card. They are purely cosmetic, and do not have any other additional benefits. They can however be upgraded as a separate card, allowing players to advance their Collection Levels.
Card BacksCard Backs allow you to further customize your Marvel Snap deck.