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Marvel Snap Zone Premium

Card Highlights

Our card highlights go in-depth into a Marvel Snap card, analyzing its strengths, weaknesses, synergies, and look to build the best decks around them.

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We Have To Talk About New Card Releases, And Why Nobody Cares.

If a new card releases in a card battler, but nobody is around to collect it - did it make a sound? New cards should be time for excitement, but the community at large just doesn't seem to care anymore. Today, I'm breaking down some of the reasons why I think that is, and offer some potential solutions as to how we could potentially remedy this growing problem for players.

Best 2-Cost Marvel Snap Cards

The next in our series of new player focused content, Paper joins us to tell you all about the most powerful 2-Cost cards in the game, and why they can slot into any strategy you're building!