Marvel Snap Title Collection

In our Marvel Snap Collection Tracker system, you can track the Cards, Variants, and Titles you collected, find and build optimal decks, see where the cards come from, and much more.

How do I get new cards in Marvel Snap?

In Marvel Snap, the main way you acquire cards is via the Mystery Card rewards that appear on the Collection Level Road. The card you get isn’t completely random – there is a set “pool” of cards that it pulls from, until you obtain all of them and progress into the next pool. This depends on the specified range of Collection Level.

You can also obtain an exclusive card via purchasing a Premium Season Pass each month (added to Pool 3 after 2 months).

For a breakdown on how this works, check out our progression guide.

How does the Collection Tracker work?

Simply click on the card to mark that the card has been collected. You do not need to be registered to use this feature, but having a profile means that you will not lose your progress and show off your collection to other people. Click here to sign up or log in!

How do I find a deck with only cards I own?

Head to our deck database, tick the box “Only decks you own all cards” and press the Search button. Magic!

How do I build a deck with only cards I own?

Head to our deck builder, tick the box “Only cards in your collection” from the card filter.

How do I check my Collection?

You can view your collection on this page right here, our card database using the filter, or your user profile.

Can you import my collection from Marvel Snap?

Currently, you cannot import from the game and you will need to manually add cards.

When we release our Marvel Snap Deck Tracker and the collection feature is rolled out, you will be able to sync your collection!

Base Cards Variants

Titles (/)

... Who?
1% Battery Rn
100% Beef
80's Child
90s was the Best Decade
[downward slide whistle]
A Bit Of A Scientist
Absolute Garbage
Accepting Belly Rubs
Ack! Turn Around! No Pants!
Activating Instant Kill
AKA "The Boss"
All Rights Reserved
Also In X-Men Love Triangle
Also My DJ Name
Always Snaps
And I Killed Sparky, Too!
And The Funky Bunch
Ant-Man Could've Killed Thanos
Anyone Seen My Brain?
Are You... My Soulmate?
Arm-Wrestling Champion
As Performed By Dazzler
As Seen On TV
Asleep Since '43, What'd I Miss?
At Least I Used to Be
At Some Boring Funeral
Available For Corporate Events
Ballin' Out Of Control
Be My Valentine
Beaten But Not Fully Dead
Beware Of Dog
Beware Of ME
Big 'Ol Puddle Of Gilgamush
Biggest Idiot In The Galaxy
Bit Smelly But Otherwise Fine
Bite Force: 5,000psi
Blood Type: Delicious
Born In The Wrong Spider-Verse
Bought The Bundle
Bring Back Glam Rock
Bronze Rank Pride
Bruno Makes Me Swoono
Built Like A Truck
But Does Your Chain Do THIS?
But Not The Real One
Buttery With Notes Of Oak
Can Do This All Day
Can Lift Mjolnir
Capable of Greatness, Perhaps
Cats Rule
Caution: Student Domo Driver
Cellmate Says Hi
Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee
Cold Blooded
Collection Level > Bank Balance
Cool Cool Cool
Cosmic Is My Stage Name
Couple Cubes Short Of A Rank
Cried Off All My Yondu Makeup
Currently Procrastinating
Daily Bugle Is Real News
Definitely Not Ultron
Did You Say Chimichanga?
Digital Detox Going Great
Do Not Fist-Bump Wolverine
Do You Even Lift, Bro
Do You Even Ram, Beau
Dogs Rule
Don't Call Me A Raccoon
Don't Text And Drive And Snap
Don't Worry I Don't Bite
Doop Cosplayer
Eatin' Schwarma
Ego = Snap
Ego, Take The Wheel
Embarrassment To My Family
Emerging Any Day Now
Empire State U. Dropout
Ensemble Cast Or I'm Out
Est. 2022
Evil Twin
Ewww, Words To Read
Extra Crunchy
Fast Upgrade My Life Plz
Fine, I'll Start My Own Avengers
Flammable, Stay Back
Flat Earth-616er
Fleas Have ME
Flippant Flipper
Foaming At The Thumb
Foils Only
Follow Me On Twitter
Food Motivated
Foolish Mortal
For I'm A Jolly Good Player
Frame Break Fanatic
Friendly Neighbor
From The Top Rope
Frozen Mid-Dragon Morph
Fully Leatherclad
Future Mrs. Man-Thing
Gaming Chair's Putting In Work
Generously Baby Powdered
Go Scoop The Flerken Box
Gooey Yet Firm
Got a Bad Feeling About This
GOTY Edition
Green And Also Mean
Grinding To Impress My Crush
Groot's Chiropractor
Guardian Of The Galaxy
Guess Who's Back?
Happy Halloween!
Happy Holidays!
Happy Lunar New Year!
Happy New Year!
Has A Hulk
Have I Defeated You Before?
Herald Of Galactus
Herald Of Goose
Here Comes A Fastball Special
HEY. Calm Down
Hey, Eye Up Here, Cyclops
Ho Ho Ho!
Hold My Root Beer
Holding It In Till Rank 60
Holly And Also Jolly
Honey, I Shrunk The Heroes
Honorary Avenger
Horoscope Said Hulk On 6
Horrible, But Not In THAT Way
Hug Like Parker, Kiss Like Venom
Humongous Throg Stan
Huskier Than Thou
I Am Groot
I Am Having Fun
I Am On The Toilet
I Am Streaming This LIVE
I Call My Teeth The Fantastic Four
I Don't Have A Title I Like Yet
I Got a Rock
I Got Dem Variants
I Have Been Allotted This Win
I Kid, Arachnid
I Love You
I Nap Between Turns
I Snap On The First Date
I Survived Nexus Events
I Whine On The Internet
I Will Spare Your Puny Planet
If I Lose, Do Not Take Credit
If You Snap I Slap
If You Win, You Ruin My Day
Ignore The Film Crew
I'm A Computer, Actually
I'm An Influencer
I’m Here For This
I'm In The Discord
I'm Only A Child
I'm Outside Your House
I'm Sorry It Has Come to This
I'm With Magneto
Immortal 'Til Proven Otherwise
In Other Timelines I'm Dateable
In The Future, I Win
Insatiable Hunger (For Tacos)
Irresponsibly Caffeinated
Is Awesome
Is Being Reasonable
Is Bringing The Thunder
Is Inevitable
Isn't Sus
It's My Birthday
Judging You Like A Host Planet
Just Excited To Be Here
Kind Of A Jerk
Knockoff Tesseract Dealer
Korg Fan Club
Lady Deathstrike's Nail Filer
Legendary Outlaw
Let The Dogs Out
Lethal Protector
Let's Connect On LinkedIn
Let's Get Kree-Zayyy
Loosely Related To Wolverine
Lost My Variants In The Divorce
Lowkey Loki Lookalike
Lumberjack Extraordinaire
Mahd Wy'Ry In The Membrane
Marking Your Deck
May The Worst Player Win
Meet Later IRL?
Merc With A Mouth
Met Nick Fury Once
Mistakes Were Made
Mom Said This Is My Last Game
Most Juicy
Most Spandexcellent
Mostly In Control
Must Dry Clean Galactus Suit
My Abs Have An On-Reveal Effect
My Child Is An Honor Student
My CL Is Higher Than Yours
My Coffin Has Air-Con
My Gift To You Is Green Goblin
My Other Ride Is An Ant
My Resolution Is To Beat You
My Roommate Is The Alioth
My Secret: I'm Always Angry
My Spider Bites Just Itch
Never Forget Our Time Together
Never Lucky
Newly Housebroken
Nightstalking From Home
No Ring Toss On The Headgear
Nocturnal Lycanthropist
Not a Puny Mortal!
Not Potty Trained
Not That Kind Of Deviant
Not Very Good
Object of Ridicule
Odin's Least Favorite Stepchild
Of The Galaxy
Of The Year
Omega-Level Weakling
On Reveal: You Lose
On The Naughty List
On Your Left
Only Goth On The Swim Team
Oozing With Flavor
Or is it?
Part-Time Avenger
Perma-Ban Inevitable
Pheromones Made Me Do It
Playing Agatha
Please Do Not Step on Me
Please Rub My Belly
Poor, Unfortunate Soul
Posture Like A Candy Cane
Professor X's Barber
Professor X's Best Friend
Puny God
Purveyor of Fine Shallackings
Quick, Gotta Land This Plane
Raised By Wolves
Random? No, I Asked For You
Rapidly Decomposing
Real Me's Stuck In A Phoenix Egg
Really Really Dirty
Really Really Hot
Respect The Shoulder Pads
Rhymes With Orange
Rider Of The Silver Scooter
Seen Decks I Can't Unsee
Sentinels Need Love Too
Service Gamer, DO NOT PET
SFX Up, No Earbuds, Come At Me
Shakespeare Of Dark Elf Fanfic
Shampoo Scent: Terrigen Mist
Shirt S, Sleeves XXXXXL
Should Not Be Handling Katana
Should Really Drink More Water
Sleep Is For Low Ranks
Slightly Radioactive
Snap On Turn 1 Or No Guts
Sometimes Fortunate
Sore Loser-Chan
Speaks Groot
Spider-Man Theme Is My Karaoke Song
Stay Bifrosty
Steam Powered
Stuck In Spidey-Landing Pose
Stunning Avatar. Dior?
Substitute Sensei
Sucking It Up
Survived Thanos
SVP Sales, Midwest
Tacos After This?
Taking Out The Trash
Tattoo Artist Heard 'Cider-Man'
Technically Not Tarzan
Telekenetic Dumpling Crimper
Ten Tons Of Raw Fury
Thanos Was Right
That's No Moon!
The Apocalypse Sucks
The Best There Is At What I Do
The Conqueror
The Fourth
The Gift That Keeps On Giving
The Goggles Do Nothing!
The One and Only
The Silver Couch Surfer
The Tank
The Weather Here Sucks
Thiccture Perfect
This Could Have Been an Email
This Dating App Blows
This Device Is My Symbiote
This Is Important To Me
This Is My First Game, Go Easy
This Is My Full-Time Job
This Matchmaking Sucks
Thwip! Get Webbed
'Tis The Season... To Lose
Top Chef
Top Hat, Gym Socks, That's It
Trigger Scent: Nachos
TSA Took My Soulsword
Turn 6 I Do Nothing
Two Stakes, On The House
Uni-Mind! All Invited! Except You
Use Your Inside Psionics, Dear
Using My Degree, Yep
Uwu, Pym Particles!! Kawaii!!
Wah Wah Wah! Wet Diapee!
Waiting For Goose Movie
What Is This? Wizard Poker?
White-Hot Room, $850/mo, No Pets
Who's A Good Boy?
Why Yes, That Is A Loincloth
Will Snap For Treats
Willing Host, Hit Me Up Phoenix
Wish My Scarf Did That
Wolverine Is My Spirit Animal
"Working" From Home
World's Greatest Uncle Aaron
Yes, All 24oz
Yes, Why Do You Ask
Yoghurt, Son
You Gonna Finish That Neck?
You Retreat, I'll Follow
Your Average Blazing Space Bird
Your Cubes. Give Them To Me
Your Old Nemesis
You're Standing On Tiamut
Zabu, No, Bad Kitty