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Pool (Series) 2 Beginner Decks

Our up to date guide on the best competitive budget Marvel Snap decks built with cards only in Pool (Series) 1 and 2 (Collection Level 474 and below).
Screenshot of Credits purchasable in the Shop


The Shop in Marvel Snap offers various goods for purchase, with both in-game currency and real money. The shop resets daily at 7 PM PST (3 AM GMT), except for the Fast Upgrade which updates every 8 hours. Here are…

Token Shop Tier List! – The Best Cards To Pin

The Token Shop is a very exciting update, but some players struggle with if they should save their newfound tokens for rarer new cards, or finally get their dream cards from Series 3? HowlingMines whips up a video for a different kind of Tier List this week - here's what you should be looking to buy first!

Series 5 Cards Theorycraft and Decklists

The big patch is drawing ever closer, and players are wandering what the best homes for the soon-to-be-released Series 5 cards are - Den is here today to show you some of their favourite early contenders for the cards you open!

Marvel Snap Matchmaking Explained

Why am I playing against people with more Pool Three Cards than me? Should I stop progressing my Collector Levels at the end of Pool Two? HowlingMines is here to break down and answer all the myths he can about Marvel Snap Matchmaking!