Marvel Snap Bundle Value and Comparison Chart

In this guide, Kirallas calculates the estimated value of all of Marvel Snap's Bundles and compares them side by side.

Marvel Snap’s Bundles offer players a chance to purchase a collection of items for Gold or real money. This includes Credits, Variants, Avatars, Collector’s Tokens, Boosters, and more! While these can be considered mostly an option cosmetic purchase, some cards and tokens offered can be harder to just ignored. In this guide, we compare all the known Bundles so far and give them a value based on some calculations.

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Credit to Gold

Gold to Credit conversion rate is taken from Shop:


When calculating the conversion of money (USD or equivalent) into Gold, the purchase of 700 Gold for $9.99 was taken as the basis for a number of reasons. Firstly, 10 dollars is the price of a Season Pass, which is associated with a common spending rate in the game. Secondly, 700 Gold is the price of a standard option in the store, while the rest of the options are not equal to buy something without a balance. Thirdly, quite often, it is the second option of the store that is the most popular for the average player. Lastly, such a calculation provides more round numbers in subsequent calculations.

Credit to Collector’s Tokens

When converting Credits (and therefore Gold and money) into Collector’s Tokens, the following data was taken into account.

  1. Although Collector’s Tokens can be used to buy cards from the Series 3, their main value lies in the fact that this is the only currency that allows you to buy the rarest cards (Series 4 and 5), which are essentially impossible to get otherwise.
  2. Since for a player with an incomplete collection, the chances of getting a card from Series 3 in the store is incredibly higher than a card from Series 5, using tokens to buy the Series 5 cards at this stage is not only impractical for a beginner, but also rare and expensive. Therefore, the most efficient way to use tokens is to buy cards from 5 or 4 pools, after collecting the entire collection of Pool 1 to 3.
  3. With the latest information from the Second Dinner, we know that after receiving all the cards of the 3rd pool, opening caches proceeds as follows: Out of 4 chests, the player is guaranteed to receive: 1 chest with cosmetics (Avatar, Variant or Title), 1 chest with 200 Gold, 300 or 400 Credits (which on average will be equal to 300 Credits when converted and taking the odds into account), 1 chest with 100 Collector’s Tokens and 1 chest with 200-600 tokens (400 on average). There is also a chance to get a card from Series 4 or Series 5 instead of 200-600 tokens. This slightly reduces the average number of Collector’s Tokens from 4 Caches, from 500 (100+400) to 455.
  4. Opening 4 caches will require 2400 Credits, of which 200 will be returned as “cashback” due to intermediate rewards of 50 Credits and an additional 300 Credits on average will be received from the chest containing the currency. So getting 455 tokens will cost 1900 Credits, which on average means conversion rate of 4.18 Credits into 1 Collector’s Token, which allows you to calculate conversions into other currencies.

Estimated Value

Initially I wanted to estimate the cost of any Variant from the bundle at Super Rare 1200 Gold (since both the 1200 Gold Shop Variants and the Bundle ones are quite rare and seem special). But in the process of calculations it turned out that when calculating option 1 as Rare 700 gold, the phrase from the Welcome Bundle “8x Value” becomes clear! Taking as a basis the cost of 700 Gold per Variant, and 350 Gold per Avatar (half the cost of the skin), it turns out that the Welcome Bundle is exactly 8 times more profitable than a similar purchase!

Due to the difficulty in estimating Titles and similar mechanics to Avatars, it was decided to value them at 350 Gold as well, until a more accurate source of data appears (for example, with a future opportunity to buy them manually).

Boosters are not taken into account, because although they are a nice addition to Bundles to upgrade your Variant as soon as you get them, they do not carry much value since they are obtained in sufficient quantities.

All calculations in the table use all these conversion rates.

Net prices means the cost of spending resources on items similar to those in the bundle, but separately. Based on this, the difference between the bundle and the regular purchase is calculated. Exactly these results are expressed in 3 values ​​for each bundle:

  • Progress value factor: The value of a bundle is solely in terms of efficiency and speed of obtaining a complete collection.
  • Cosmetic value factor: The value of the bundle for those who do not care about resources, but appreciate exclusive cosmetics.
  • Total value factor: The sum of the two above (no rounding applied).

When translating values ​​into a visual table form, rounding to tenths was used, this led to a couple of discrepancies in this form, since each value was rounded before adding to the image.

Bundle List

The above chart compares all the current Bundles released so far and upcoming ones. The full list of bundles, past, current, and future ones, can be found below:

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