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Fast Upgrade – Are They Worth Buying?

Marvel Snap's Fast Upgrade feature is available for players to upgrade their cards every 8 hours. Are they worth purchasing and how does it work?

Marvel Snap’s in-game Shop has a section for Fast Upgrade. These upgrades let you skip acquiring Boosters for a card by playing and instead allow you to purchase the required Boosters with Credits. This is an option for players to fast track their Collection Level Road as part of the overall progression of the game. This guide will go into specifics on Fast Upgrades, such as when they refresh, how they work, and whether players should be purchasing them.

The Fast Upgrade section of the Shop offers a rarity upgrade to three cards in your collection that refreshes every 8 hours, at 8 AM, 12 AM, and 8 PM PST. It essentially allows you to instantly purchase Boosters for cards that you normally accumulate by playing matches.

The in-game description is:

Auto Upgrading Cards

Every 8 hours, three cards will be chosen at random from your collection.

You’ll have the opportunity to upgrade these cards by purchasing all remaining Boosters needed with just Credits!

Earning more Boosters for these cards will lower the price to upgrade at a rate of 1 Booster = 5 Credits.

Upgrading a card’s rarity will increase your Collection Level, which in turn will allow you to get new cards, which you can see the costs in the table below:

RarityBorder ColorEffectBooster CostCredit CostCollection Level
CommonGreyNormal card art
UncommonGreenArt breaks out of the frame5 Boosters25 Credits1
RareBlueArt gains a 3D effect10 Boosters100 Credits2
EpicPurpleArt gains an animation20 Boosters200 Credits4
LegendaryOrangeLogo on the card becomes shiny30 Boosters300 Credits6
UltraRed?Card border becomes animated40 Boosters400 Credits8
InfinityFoil?Split the card into two copies50 Boosters500 Credits10

Overall, Fast Upgrade, as the name suggests, will allow a player to gain Collection Levels more quickly. However, this is not the most efficient use of Credits as Boosters can be earned for free by just playing games (that can quickly build up as Marvel Snap’s matches are very short!). Most players will find themselves running out of Credits especially if they are free-to-play (F2P).

However, this can still be useful at times when a player has an excess of Credits or cannot play too much and can periodically collect Credits here and there to passively increase Collection Levels during inactive periods.


Fast Upgrade
  • The number on the top left corner indicates how many Collection Levels you will gain by upgrading the card.
  • Jubilee upgrading from Uncommon to Rare, which requires 10 more Boosters + 100 Credits, giving a total cost of 150 Credits.
  • We already have 7 Iron Man Boosters, so 3 Boosters + 100 Credits, giving a cost of 115 Credits.
  • The Thing going from Epic to Legendary requires 30 Boosters + 300 Credits, giving a total of 450 Credits.

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