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Token Shop Guide: What Are the Drop Rates and How Does It Work?

Guide to Marvel Snap's Token Shop: What it sells, how it works, the drop rates, and obtaining Collector's Tokens.

The Token Shop is a section of the Marvel Snap shop that offers players to purchase a card that they do not yet own using Collector’s Tokens. In this guide, we break down what it is, how it works, and what you should aim to buy!

Token Shop

What is the Token Shop?

The Token Shop is located in Marvel Snap’s in-game shop, where players use the Collector’s Token currency to buy a card that is being offered here. For more information on obtaining Collector’s Tokens, please consult our dedicated guide:

Key points:

  • Players unlock the Token Shop when they reach Collection Level 500.
  • The Token Shop can offer one card from Series 3, 4, 5, or an Ultimate Variant that the player does not yet own
  • The card being offered refreshes every 8 hours at 03:00 GMT (daily reset time), 11:00 GMT, and 19:00 GMT.
  • Players can also pin and freeze the Token Shop to lock in their targeted card to obtain later when they acquire more Collector’s Tokens. If you unpin the card, it will not change until the next set refresh time.
  • The Token Shop is not designed to be the primary way to earn new cards. The Collector’s Tokens will be hard to come by and a lot of them are required to unlock one card.

What does the Token Shop sell?

The Token Shop will offer players a card from Series 3, 4, 5, or an Ultimate Variant that they do not own yet. The drop rates are as follows:

CardCost% Chance% Chance if Series 3 Complete
Series 31000 Tokens60%
Series 43000 Tokens25%62.5%
Series 56000 Tokens12.5%31.25%
Ultimate Variant5000 Tokens2.5%6.25%

The Token Shop will rotate randomly, weighted by Series and each card within a series will rotate individually.

Example: If you see Hela, you will not see her again until all unowned Series 3 cards have been shown. This is tracked separately for each card series if you see a Series 4 card, and so on.

Ultimate Variants

What should I buy from the Token Shop?

For our recommendations on what cards you should buy, check out our tier list for Pool 3 cards:

Series 4 and 5 cards:


FAQ Token Shop
Source: Marvel Snap
1. Will it be possible to obtain Series 4 & 5 cards before completing my Series 3 collection?

You do not need to complete Series 3 in order to access Series 4 & 5 cards.

2. If I have all Series 3 cards, will I be offered Series 4 & 5 cards every 8 hours in the Token Shop?

Yes, if you have all Series 3 cards, you will be offered Series 4, Series 5, and Ultimate Variants (new Variants exclusive to Token Shop).

3. How often will we see Series 4, 5, & Ultimate Variants in the Token Shop?

You will see Series 4 62.5% of the time, Series 5 31.25% of the time, and Ultimates for the remainder.

4. Will players see every card within each Series?

Yes, it rotates within each Series until all unowned cards within that Series are shown.

5. Is the Token Shop designed to prevent players being offered the same card multiple times?

Yes, it is set up to rotate through each card within a Series. If you are offered Hela, you will not see her again until all unowned Series 3 cards have been offered.

PS — Make sure to pin a card you want, or it could be a while before you see it again!

6. Will players only ever be offered cards you do not have?

Yes, you will only be offered unowned Series 3, 4, & 5 cards, or unowned Ultimate Variants.

7. Can we get a card we have ‘pinned’ in the Token Shop naturally on the Collection Road?

Yes, you can acquire it naturally even when it’s pinned.

8. What Series will new cards be released into?

New cards will enter Series 5 on release and over time be downgraded to Series 4, and potentially downgraded to Series 3 later on.

9. Do we have to check the Token Shop every 8 hours to avoid missing cards?

A card will not count as “seen” unless you log in, so you won’t miss a card. You will only miss the opportunity to have seen an additional card.

10. Will Tokens completely replace Boosters, or will Collector’s Caches still include Boosters?

Collector’s Tokens will completely replace Boosters in Collector’s Caches and Collector’s Reserves.


  • December 3, 2022: Added Tier List and FAQ section.
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  1. For me, the new system fails the most basic test of “is it fun”. It’s a “collectible card game” but without the “collecting”.

    There really should be a PSA on how fast players earn tokens, I have seen some estimates of just 4k for a full month of grinding! I.e. very, very slowly.

    This economy feels like it was designed to punish players that have finished pool 3. Perhaps the devs want all players to have similar collections, so they accelerated pool 3 progress (pity timer from 9 to 7), whilst making pool 4/5 progress incredibly slow (pity timer 40+).

    Maybe it will work out long-term, when cards are downgraded from pool 4 to 3. But current progression, for long-standing players, feels terrible.

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