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Marvel Snap Variants: Guide to Upgrading Your Card Rarity

Cards in Marvel Snap have seven levels of rarity. These are strictly upgraded cosmetic versions of the same card, and do not affect the power of a card in any way.

The rarity of the cards are depicted by the border color. Once the base card (Common version) is obtained, players can further upgrade the card using Boosters and advancing Collection Levels. For further details on player progression, check out our dedicated guide.

Once at the Infinity rarity (the highest level), the card is split into a second copy that starts at Common again but with an additional visual effect, which shows that that card is an Infinity version. And you can then begin upgrading that card again, with those respective effects stacking on top of your Infinity effect.

RarityBorder ColorEffectBooster CostCredit Cost
CommonGreyNormal card art
UncommonGreenArt breaks out of the frame5 Boosters25 Credits
RareBlueArt gains a 3D effect10 Boosters100 Credits
EpicPurpleArt gains an animation20 Boosters200 Credits
LegendaryOrangeLogo on the card becomes shiny30 Boosters300 Credits
UltraRed?Card border becomes animated40 Boosters400 Credits
InfinityFoil?Split the card into two copies50 Boosters500 Credits

In addition to these rarity upgrades, all cards have alternate art called Variants. These Variants can be purchased in the Shop for Gold or are occasionally given out as rewards. When you acquire a Variant, it essentially functions as a separate card; it can be upgraded in rarity level independently of the base version.

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