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Marvel Snap Season Guide: Pass Details, Cards, Missions, Rewards, Ranks, and More

Marvel Snap’s Seasons generally start and end on the first Monday of every month and brings exciting new Season Pass and Ranked rewards! The theme of each season can be a cross promotion between other Marvel releases. In this guide, we have details on all the past, current, and upcoming seasons in Marvel Snap, as well as details, cards, missions, and more useful information.

Season Details

You can check out details for each of the past, current, and future seasons individually below:

Season StartFirst Tuesday of each month at 3 AM GMT
Season EndFirst Tuesday of each month at 3 AM GMT
Premium Cost$9.99 USD local currency equivalent
Exclusive rewards
Premium+ Cost$14.99 USD local currency equivalent
Exclusive rewards
Advance Season Pass by 10 levels

New Cards

Newly released cards from Season Passes are exclusive to players who purchase the Premium Season Pass. When cards become no longer available in their Season Pass, they will be added to the Series 5 card pool as soon as the season ends and be deranked to Series 4 at a later date (details not yet known). Cards from earlier seasons from June to October were added to Series 3 two months after their release. See below table for the complete list of Season Pass cards:

Season NameSeason DateCardAvailable Series 5Available Series 4Available Series 3
Atlantis Beach ClubJune 2022WaveAugust 8, 2022
Love and ThunderJuly 2022ThorSeptember 5, 2022
Heroes for HireAugust 2022DaredevilOctober 3, 2022
Sword and ShieldSeptember 2022Nick FuryNovember 7, 2022
Symbiote InvasionOctober 2022Miles MoralesDecember 5, 2022
Warriors of WakandaNovember 2022Black PantherDecember 6, 2022January 31, 2023April 18, 2023
The Power CosmicDecember 2022Silver SurferJanuary 3, 2023February 21, 2023May 2023
Savage LandJanuary 2023ZabuFebruary 7, 2023March 21, 2023June 2023
Into the Quantum RealmFebruary 2023MODOKMarch 7, 2023April 18, 2023July 2023
Days of Future PastMarch 2023NimrodApril 4, 2023May 2023August 2023
Animals AssembleApril 4, 2023Hit MonkeyMay 2, 2023June 2023September 2023
"Guardians of the Galaxy"May 2, 2023NebulaJune 6, 2023July 2023October 2023
"Across the Spider-Verse"June 6, 2023Ghost-SpiderJuly 4, 2023August 2023November 2023

New Variants

The new Season cards are also accompanied by new exclusive variants, only available in the Season Pass rewards. Variants and their Avatars of two other cards already in the game are also rewarded.

Okoye Flaviano Variant from the Warriors of Wakanda Season

New Locations

Each new season brings new Locations that can show up during games. Every Tuesday 3 AM GMT, a new location becomes a Featured Locations and shows up 40% more during games for 48 hours.

Ranked Rewards

Players can climb the Marvel Snap ladder by winning Cubes from games. Every 10 Cubes increase the rank, and every 10 ranks is a new tier of rewards. Players cannot go below rank 100 once they reach the Infinite rank.

At the end of the season, players’ rank will start from 3 rank levels below the one they ended on, rounded down. For example, if you ended the season in rank 49 Gold, you will start from Iron rank 10.

To obtain the seasonal rewards, players must play 10 games. For example, if you started the season in Diamond (rank 60), you will earn all rewards from Recruit to Diamond (rank 1 to 60) after playing 10 games in the current season.

5AgentMarvel Snap Card Back
10Iron100 Credits
20Bronze20 Boosters
30Silver200 Credits
40GoldSeason Avatar
50Platinum250 Credits
60Diamond300 Credits
70VibraniumMystery Variant
80Omega500 Credits
90Galactic500 Gold
100InfiniteSeason Card Back
Total1350 Credits
500 Gold
20 Boosters
1 Variant
1 Avatar
1 Card Back

Season Pass XP and Missions

Players need 1000 Season Pass XP per level of the Season Pass. Most of the XP is obtained through Season Pass Missions and the following formula for a bit of extra. This allows players to progress past the main rewards at Level 50 towards the Season Cache:

  • 1 XP for each turn played in a match
  • 10 XP for each location won in a match
  • 50 XP for each Hard Daily Mission

Season Pass Missions

Season Pass Missions are divided into Chapters, one per week. Each Chapter has 7 Missions, and a Challenge that grants additional XP when all Missions are completed. Each Chapter rewards a variable amount of Season XP, between 8000 and 9000.

When the season starts, Chapter 1 of the Season Pass Missions opens with 4 available missions. Then every 24 hours, a new mission unlocks. Every week, a new chapter unlocks with 4 missions until the end of the season.

0/7Chapter Challenge: Complete All 7 Chapter 3 Missions2000
0/7Play 3 Cost Cards900
0/25Play On Reveal Cards900
0/1000Play 1000 Power’s worth of Cards1100
0/1Complete a full Weekly Challenge1050
0/12Upgrade a Card950
0/7Play 6 Cost Cards1100
0/10Win a Match with 40+ Total Power1000
Example Season Pass Missions

Season Pass Rewards

Total2200 Credits
300 Gold
75 Boosters
1 Mystery Variant
400 Credits
900 Gold
240 Boosters
5 Mystery Variants
1New Season Base Card
2100 Credits
315 New Season Card Boosters
4100 Gold
5200 Credits
615 New Season Card Boosters
715 Boosters
8Mystery Variant
915 New Season Card Boosters
10100 Credits
11100 Gold
12Season Card #2 Variant Avatar
13200 Credits
14Season Card #2 Variant
15100 Gold
1615 Boosters
17100 Credits
1820 Season Card #2 Boosters
19100 Gold
20200 Credits
2115 Boosters
22100 Credits
2320 Season Card #2 Boosters
2415 Boosters
25200 Credits
2620 Season Card #2 Boosters
27Mystery Variant
28100 Credits
29100 Gold
30Season Card #3 Variant Avatar
31200 Credits
3220 Season Card #3 Boosters
33100 Gold
3420 Season Card #3 Boosters
35200 Credits
36Mystery Variant
37100 Gold
3820 Season Card #3 Boosters
3915 Boosters
40Season Card #3 Variant
41200 Credits
4215 Boosters
43100 Credits
44New Season Card Card Back
45500 Credits
4660 New Season Card Boosters
47New Season Card Variant Avatar
48Mystery Variant
49500 Gold
50New Season Card Variant
51+Season Cache

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