Loki For All Time: Marvel Snap September 2023 Season Pass

Marvel Snap's September 2023 Season features Loki as the Season Pass card! Check out the full details about the season and new cards in our hub here.

Marvel Snap’s September 2023 Season starts from September 5, 2023 to October 3, 2023 at 3 AM GMT. It features Loki as the new Season Pass card, Thor, and Enchantress with their exclusive variants! New cards also include Alioth, Ravonna Renslayer, and Mobius M. Mobius to showcase Season 2 of the show Loki. Check out all the latest details in this guide.

Season Details

  • Season Start: September 5, 2023 at 3 AM GMT
  • Season End: October 3, 2023 at 3 AM GMT
  • Premium Cost: $9.99 USD
    Unlock Premium to earn exclusive content
  • Premium+ Cost: $14.99 USD
    Unlock Premium content and advances Season Pass by 10 levels

Season Pass


Players need 1000 Season Pass XP per level of the Season Pass. Most of the XP is obtained through Season Pass Missions and playing matches through the following formula. This allows players to progress past the main rewards at Level 50 towards the Season Cache:

  • 1 XP for each turn played in a match
  • 10 XP for each location won in a match
  • 50 XP for each Hard Daily Mission

New Cards

LokiSeason PassSep 5, 2023
AliothSeries 5Sep 12, 2023
Ravonna RenslayerSeries 4Sep 19, 2023
Mobius M. MobiusSeries 4Sep 26, 2023

The season theme is centered around Loki as the new Season Pass card for its release of Loki Season 2 on Disney+ on October 6, 2023. It features Alioth, Ravonna Renslayer, and Mobius M. Mobius as the weekly spotlight cards.

There are also exclusive variants and avatars for Thor and Enchantress in the Season Pass reward track! There are also theme related Card Backs and Titles.

Check out our review of the new cards in our article:


Could this be a preview of new Emotes coming to Marvel Snap?

Series Drop

There are currently no Series Drops announced for September 2023.

Spotlight Caches

Week of September 5, 2023


Week of September 12, 2023


Week of September 19, 2023


Week of September 26, 2023


New cards are also featured in Spotlight Caches. More information coming soon! You will also be able to find our review of the month here.



More information on the Bundles can be found in our database or the dedicated guide:


The Seasonal variants are released on a weekly basis on Mondays and can be obtained in the following ways:

  • Rare variants can be purchased from the Shop in the Daily Offer section for 700 Gold. They can also be obtained randomly from a Mystery Variant from rewards such as the Caches, Season Pass, Ranked, Medal Shop, or Bundles (among a Base Card you already own).
  • Super Rare variants can only be purchased from the Shop in the Daily Offer section for 1,200 Gold.
  • Ultimate variants can be purchased from the Token Shop for 5,000 Collector’s Tokens.

September 5, 2023


September 12, 2023


September 19, 2023


September 26, 2023


Full schedule of variants can be found in our new calendar or our dedicated guide:

Conquest Medal Shop

  • The September 2023 Conquest reward is the Odin ADIA variant, obtained by purchasing 9 items from the Medal Shop.
  • Make sure to spend them all on the Medal Shop before the season ends! If you have leftover Medals at the end of the season, each Medal will be worth 0.15 Boosters for a random card. Example: 100 Medals will convert to 15 Boosters.
  • For a more detailed breakdown, check out our guide:

Week 1

300Mystery Variant
151 Silver Ticket
600150 Credits

Week 2

900Title: Humongous Throg Stan
30075 Odin Boosters
800200 Gold

Week 3

650200 Credits
3001 Gold Ticket
650155 Odin Boosters

Week 4

1,000350 Credits
5501 Infinity Ticket
1,500Odin ADIA Variant Avatar
700 ♾65 Boosters
1,000 ♾155 Boosters
1,500 ♾310 Odin Boosters

Featured Locations

Each new season brings new Locations that can show up during games. On selected Wednesdays at 3 AM GMT, a new location becomes a Featured Locations and shows up 50% more during games for 24 hours.

September 13, 2023Mount Vesuvius
September 27, 2023Time Theater

Hot Locations

The Hot Locations during this season happens on selected Wednesdays or Sundays at 3 AM GMT, when an existing location shows up 50% more during games for 24 hours.

Ranked Seasonal Rewards

Infinite Loki Card Back
  • Players can climb the Marvel Snap ladder by winning Cubes from games. Every 7 Cubes increase the rank, and every 10 ranks is a new tier of rewards. Players cannot go below rank 100 once they reach the Infinite rank.
  • For each new season, the following reset is performed for players who were under Rank 100:
    • Deduct 30 ranks from player’s last rank in the previous season
    • Round down to the closest integer divisible by 5
    • Add 3 bonus ranks
  • To obtain the seasonal rewards retroactively, players must play 10 games. For example, if you started the season in Diamond (rank 60), you will earn all rewards from Recruit to Diamond (rank 1 to 60) after playing 10 games in the current season.
5AgentMarvel Snap Card Back
10Iron200 Credits
20Bronze40 Boosters
30Silver250 Credits
40GoldTitle: No Ring Toss On The Headgear
50Platinum400 Credits
60DiamondMystery Variant
70Vibranium500 Credits
80OmegaLoki Avatar
90Galactic500 Gold
100InfiniteInfinite Loki Card Back

Season Pass Missions

Season Pass Missions are divided into Chapters, one per week. Each Chapter has 7 Missions, and a Challenge that grants additional XP when all Missions are completed. Each Chapter rewards a variable amount of Season XP, between 8000 and 9000.

When the season starts, Chapter 1 of the Season Pass Missions opens with 4 available missions. Then every 24 hours, a new mission unlocks. Every week, a new chapter unlocks with 4 missions until the end of the season.

Chapter 1: Glorius Purpose

0/7Chapter Challenge: Complete All 7 Chapter 1 Missions2,500
0/12Platy 3 Cost Cards900
0/25Play On Reveal Cards900
0/150Draw Cards700

Chapter 2:

0/7Chapter Challenge: Complete All 7 Chapter 2 Missions2,500

Chapter 3:

0/7Chapter Challenge: Complete All 7 Chapter 3 Missions2,500

Chapter 4:

0/7Chapter Challenge: Complete All 7 Chapter 4 Missions2,500

Developer Update


We are giving away up to 12 free Premium Season Passes! Check out the details in the below article, and winners below:

  1. Elijah
  2. Isaac Miller
  3. Ping Key Chan
  4. Phelipe
  5. Cheng
  6. Spiderhawk
  7. Mottel Zirkind
  8. Tahlia
  9. Patch
  10. Thomas Biero
  11. Victor Manesera
  12. Anavolver

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