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Marvel Snap Spotlight Cache Schedule: Loki For All Time (September 2023)

Marvel Snap's upcoming featured cards and variants of the Spotlight Caches for the Loki for All Time (September 2023) Season!

Marvel Snap’s contents of the Spotlight Caches for the Loki for All Time (September 5, 2023 to October 3, 2023) Season has been partially revealed! Each week, three cards will be featured in the Spotlight Caches, and their corresponding Spotlight Variants if you have already collected the card. We recommend that you carefully choose the cards you want, and save up at least four Spotlight Caches to open to get your desired card. So take a look at the Spotlight Cache card release schedule below, and plan ahead!

You will also be able to find the full Spotlight Cache release schedule here for past, current, and upcoming months, and also in our dedicated new card release guide:

Week of September 5, 2023

Jeff the Baby Land Shark5Dan Hipp

It’s finally happening everyone…. JEFF IS HERE! Jeff the Baby Land Shark sees his first Spotlight Cache feature this week, which is a huge deal for many players who have been waiting on him with no Series Drops announced for the time being. The rest of the cache is a bit dull, but the developers know how much you have been wanting him, even featuring the Dan Hipp variant this week to make existing owners also want a piece of the action.

Ghost-Spider also makes her appearance this week, which may excite players who didn’t buy her Season Pass!

And Knull is here again…

Week of September 12, 2023

Hit Monkey5Dan Hipp

For a second week in a row, Second Dinner features a highly anticipated card with a season pass card and a dud. Alioth makes his debut this week, and is exciting to dive into!

Hit Monkey makes his first Spotlight Cache appearance this week as well, though he has seen better days. After his nerf to a 3-cost, Hit Monkey just isn’t the Bounce monster he once was.

Snowguard is the disappointment pull for the week. Her variant somehow manages to be worse than getting a Morph variant, since you can’t even see her art once she changes forms… However, there is always a potential for a buff with an OTA balance update!

Week of September 19, 2023

Ravonna Renslayer4Pantheon
Jean Grey5Mukesh Singh
Zabu4Fiona Hsieh

Ravonna Renslayer makes her debut this week! This card is a big mystery to me, and I’m excited to see how she plays out outside of theorycrafting.

Jean Grey makes her second Spotlight feature this week (Howard the Duck fans sigh). While the card was not as amazing as predicted, this card still has potential in the right meta.

The legendary Zabu makes his first Spotlight appearance this week, though it may be too late. His reign of terror may be coming to a close, with the next week’s card able to stop his ability entirely. Which leads us to…

Week of September 26, 2023

Mobius M. Mobius4Pantheon
High Evolutionary5?

This week, Mobius makes his appearance! No, not Morbius, Mobius M. Mobius! Also soon to be known as the Sera and Zabu killer. If I ever had a guess for a card that would be meta dominant, it’s this one.

Kang is back, and it’s not because he manipulated time. This underrated Conquest card makes his second appearance this week, though most players aren’t interested in his ability.

The final card is High Evolutionary but its variant is unconfirmed, and will be updated once we know more!

Wrap Up

What Spotlight Cache are you looking forward to the most? Let us know the comments below!

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  1. esto da verguenza que puta mierda es esta mezclar cartas con skins que pasa si llevo 2 meses ya de solo cartas desde jean grey y solo recibos skins asquerosas de bebe o mierdas similares como dan hipp etc yo no quiero eso

  2. Snowguard is underrated and if enough people played around with her, they’d find a card that can mess around with locations on a Legion level. Maybe people nabbing her on the road to Alioth will get people to see her potential.

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