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Ongoing: Has the combined Power of all cards destroyed this game.

Colorist Ryan Kinnaird



Knull is one of the true big bads of the Marvel comic universe. He is a god of darkness and the creator of the Symbiotes (Venom and Carnage for example), who created the first Symbiote in the form of a sword to decapitate a Celestial when they invaded his kingdom of darkness, the All-Black (the sword itself was recently adapted and appeared in Thor: Love and Thunder). This summary will not do full justice to the depth of story which was developed for Knull.

Knull preceded to wage war on the Light. During this war against the Light he eventually encountered the Silver Surfer, who he defeated after the Surfer freed a world from his control using the Power Cosmic. After being converted into a Symbiote Silver Surfer eventually was freed with the help of Ego, the Living Planet. Silver Surfer was then able to expend the full remaining Power Cosmic too fight of Knull.

Knull recovers and continues his war on the Light and comes across an army of gods. He is able to defeat all but one, who he defeats whilst being impaled in the head with the god’s spear. This is when Gorr, the God Butcher takes possession of the All-Black. Knull recovers over the course of centuries and discovers he can manifest Symbiotes from the Living Abyss and bind them to lesser lifeforms corrupting them. The Symbiotes we know and love were then born.

Sometime later, two Symbiote Dragons (Grendel and Grendel’s mother) are defeated by Thor, who, by blasting them with divine lighting, severing Knull‘s connection with the majority of the Symbiotes. The Symbiotes hive mind then imprisons Knull deep inside the Throneworld and renames it Klyntar, their word for cage.


  • December 13, 2022: Added as a Series 5 card.

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