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Marvel Snap Series 5 Card Tier List and Best Decks

What are the best Marvel Snap Series 5 cards to save up Spotlight Caches for or to buy from the Token Shop? Take a look at our updated curated tier list and see how your favourites match up in our review and ratings of each card, as well as their best decks!

In Marvel Snap, you collect and unlock cards by increasing your Collection Level from upgrading your cards with Boosters or purchasing cards from the Token Shop with Collector’s Tokens. Each card is assigned to a Pool or Series of cards. These sets vary in size, which you can see in the table below:

Here is our list of all Series 5 cards with their updated ratings, as well as a tier list for all the Ultra Rare cards from Series 5 in order to help players make decisions when purchasing them or build better decks based on their collection.

  • Each week, a new Series 4 or 5 card is introduced to the game. For more information on card release schedules, click here.
  • Series 5 cards can be obtained from the Spotlight Caches that appear every 120 Collection Levels after 500. These Caches can include one of the three featured cards that rotate every week, or a random Series 4 or 5 card.
  • Series 5 cards cost 6,000 Collector’s Tokens from the Token Shop.
  • Cards may undergo a Series Drop at the discretion of the developer, which is not on a schedule.

“Big Bad” Cards

The following cards are classified as “Big Bad” cards (major villains in the Marvel multiverse) that are not planned to be ever downgrade from Series 5.

Series 5 Card Tier List

Tier 1Jeff the Baby Land Shark
Hope Summers
X-23 🔼
Tier 2Red Hulk 🆕
Cull Obsidian
Ms. Marvel
Nico Minoru
Iron Lad
Sebastian Shaw 🔼
Elsa Bloodstone🔼
The Living Tribunal🔼
Silk 🔼
Tier 3Cannonball 🔼
Proxima Midnight
Corvus Glaive
Werewolf By Night
High Evolutionary 🔽
Beta Ray Bill
Pixie 🔼
Thanos 🔽
War Machine 🆕
Black Knight 🔽
Tier 4Blob 🔽
Alioth 🔽
Black Swan 🔽
Baron Zemo 🆕
U.S. Agent 🆕
Tier 5Jean Grey
Grand Master

Tier Explanation

This tier list is heavily geared towards current metagame and the report will be updated minimum bi-weekly. This is to adjust to the in-game balance changes and what is competitively viable.

  • Tier 1: These are the cards which support a current top tier deck in the metagame or are universally strong enough that not owning them is a disadvantage.
  • Tier 2: These are strong cards which are core to playing currently strong archetypes or are strong enough that you can play them in several different deck types.
  • Tier 3: These are strong supporting pieces of specific archetypes which can be replaced, part of archetypes which are currently not performing to the level of the Tier 2 cards but can be played or universal cards that are options but often replaceable.
  • Tier 4: These cards are niche and can only be used within very specific archetypes or only support an archetype which is currently not performing.
  • Tier 5: These cards are very limited and easily eclipsed by other options.
  • Kang: This tier is a special tier to represent just how much lower this card is than the cards above.
  • * This card is provisionally ranked and in-game performance may change the ranking as changes are not finalized or still too new.
  • ** This card is ranked higher in anticipation of a changing metagame due to new card releases or balance changes and will be evaluated again on release.

Meta Report


That’s it! All Series 5 cards currently in Marvel Snap. This is a unique game, and these cards can lead to different variations, and you may just like a certain character more than others at times. So, as a final disclaimer, I’ll say this: chasing the card you want with your heart instead of you head is not wrong.

Have we missed any ideas that raise or lower the bar for these cards? Let us know below, or on our Discord server.

I’m looking forward to more of the community acquiring these cards and seeing how players utilize them in new and interesting ways.

Good luck out there!

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