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Marvel Snap Cards: Full List and How They Work

In Marvel Snap, a card is the standard component of the game. They are represented by the iconic heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe, from Captain America to Apocalypse There will be over 150 cards with the official launch of the game, with new ones being added periodically to coincide with other Marvel franchise promotions.

Each deck can have up to 12 cards, and only a single copy of a card of the same name in the same deck.

Parts of a Card

Marvel Snap cards are simple in nature:

  • Cost: The amount of Energy required to play the card (number on the top left corner).
  • Power: The base Power of the card (number on the top right corner).
  • Card Name: The unique card name. The Base Card and their Variants share the name and Boosters.
  • Border: The color of the border depicts the rarity of the card – upgrading is key to player progression.
  • Ability: A card’s unique ability (if any) is shown on close up.


Marvel Snap cards have some keywords that players should be aware of.


Destroying cards on the battlefield causes synergistic effects, such as Carnage and Nova.


Discarding cards from your hand sometimes causes synergistic effects, such as Apocalypse and Blade.


Some effects cause cards to move between Locations such as Vision, and triggers certain abilities such as Kraven.


This card ability stays active throughout the entire game once the card is in play – you can find this keyword on cards such as Wong and Ant-Man.

On Reveal

This card ability activates as soon as you reveal it to your opponent, regardless of if you played it or it ended up in play via an effect like Jubilee – you can find this effect on cards like Scorpion or Thor.

It is important to note the person who is currently winning the game overall will reveal their cards first, and random if tied. Look for the glowing border around a players name to see who will be revealing first.

No Ability

Some cards have no abilities – they just have cool flavour text, and can get bonuses from Washington D.C. or Patriot – you can find this on cards such as Hulk or Shocker.

How do I obtain new cards? Collecting cards

Collection Level

Base Cards are acquired by advancing Collection Levels. Upgrading cards with Credits and their Boosters and variants progresses your Collection Level Road, allowing you to unlock cards in a semi-predetermined way.

After the initial tutorial from Level 18 onwards, players start unlocking Mystery Cards which are drawn from predetermined “Pools“:

Pool #Collection Level #Card #DecksTier List
Pool OneCollection Level 18 – 21446 cardsDecksTier List
Pool TwoCollection Level 222 – 47425 cardsDecksTier List
Pool ThreeCollection Level 486+74 cardsDecksTier List

Newly released cards can also be obtained via the Season Pass. For further details, check out our dedicated guide.


Each card can have alternate art versions called Variants. They are not different from their Base Card in any way other than how they look and even share Boosters for upgrading, but treated as independent cards. For further details, check out our dedicated guide.

Marvel Snap Card List – Released

You can check out all the released cards and filter by their rarity and categories in our visual gallery of the card database.

Marvel Snap Card List – Unreleased

You can check out all the unreleased (datamined) cards and filter by their rarity and categories in our visual gallery of the card database. These are not final and may be subject to change when they are officially released.

A new card is released with the monthly Season Pass. These Season Pass-specific cards are added to Pool 3 after 2 months. In future, a new card will also be released weekly via a currently unannounced method!

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