Download the Marvel Snap Tracker Companion App


The Marvel Snap Tracker by Prometa is your best free companion app for Marvel Snap!

  • Real time collection and deck tracker
  • Monitor your win rate and find best Cube-earners among your decks
  • Observe your ladder climb and ranking progress
  • Track your matches, each with replays, and inventory
  • Find decks using your current collection
  • Get daily summaries of your in-game accomplishments


Setup Guide


  1. Download Marvel Snap Tracker latest release from GitHub.
  2. Launch file ending with Setup.exe and make sure Windows Defender and other AV software are not blocking it.
  3. Launch the tracker and make sure it located your Snap account. If everything is going smoothly, you will see SYNC button and your in-game nickname.
    • If you have your game installed in custom location, you’ll see an error message about missing log file. This means that you need to locate logs folder manually. You can do it in Settings tab of the Tracker. You need to click “Locate” button and find “…AppData\LocalLow\Second Dinner\SNAP\Standalone\States\nvprod” directory. Pick nvprod as target when you are setting the path.
  4. After pressing Sync button in the tracker interface, you will see a new browser tab with Sync interface. Make sure you are logged in and confirm sync.
    • If you can’t see Sync tab for some reason, try to copy the link from Tracker interface and use it manually.
  5. Right after you confirm sync on site, your username (from website) will be displayed in the app window. Next time you launch the app, it will remember your token and username.
  6. That’s it! If you’ve launched SNAP on his PC before, upload will start instantly. And when new cards will be added, those will be updated as well.
  7. If you have several SNAP accounts, you will have to repeat the same procedure for each of them. Also, if you don’t want to track one of the accounts, just click Skip button.


  1. You need Marvel Snap to be installed on your device and an account registered on to use this app.
  2. The tracker is NOT detecting marvel snap launch automatically and doesn’t work in the background. You need to launch the app and start the tracker EVERY TIME you play to get your matches tracked.
  3. At the first launch you will need to select the folder with the Marvel Snap game files, Tracker will automatically direct to the right folder and you will only have to agree with the selected folder. Click on the Sync Account button and log in at
  4. If necessary, restart the Tracker and click on the synchronization button again so that you have the Confirm Connection button on the website. After clicking this button, the Tracker will be ready and you can return to it.
  5. Make sure you launch the Tracker BEFORE the game begins and tap the “Start Tracker” button. Which should result in an un-dismissable notification in the drawer saying that the tracker is running.
  6. Launch the Marvel Snap game and play some matches.
  7. Stop the tracker after the session.

Account Linking

  1. Make sure you have the latest version downloaded from GitHub.
  2. Go to Settings and click WIPE SETTINGS button then sync again.
  3. Try to restart SNAP, tracker itself and reboot your PC.
  4. Check Tracker interface: are there any errors?
  5. Make sure you have all SNAP accounts Synced or Skipped, no accounts are pending in Tracker interface.
  6. Check if antivirus or firewall is blocking app traffic, add app to exception.
  7. Still no luck? Open an issue on Git!


What OS are supported?
Tracker is based on Electron platform and running natively on Windows 10/11. Windows 7 and all previous Windows versions are NOT supported. We also support Android, but the overlay is not available in it.

Is it legal to use Marvel Snap Tracker?
The program is legal to use because it does not modify any game executable files and/or hacks the game to get information from it. We just use open data, available to every user. We have only that level of in-game support that you can get by yourself, using paper and pencil, so it can’t be called cheating. It just keeps records of your game process history. Also, app code is open source, digitally signed, and the publisher is trusted.

Which logs are you tracking?
We rely json files located in …\AppData\LocalLow\Second Dinner\SNAP\Standalone\States\nvprod folder.

Can I sync several SNAP accounts with one account?
NO! If you sync SNAP account to account which was already synced before, it will lead to complete mix up (data from both SNAP accounts will be messed in single account, and this account will be busted hopelessly). So please, do not try to link several SNAP users to one account. You need only separate accounts for separate SNAP users. In order to run several accounts smoothly, we recommend you to register accounts beforehand, and login on site with account you want to sync. Also, when you are confirming sync, please pay attention to what accounts are getting synced. If mix up happens, the only solution will be to completely wipe an account and start tracking from an empty account.