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Marvel Snap Locations Guide: Full List and How They Work

Marvel Snap Locations: Full List and How They Work

In Marvel Snap, a player’s win condition is to control two (or more) out of three Locations on the board. Each Location represent iconic places from the Marvel Universe, and is a key strategic element in the game.

Locations are effectively a column where players can play their cards, with most having special unique effects on cards that are placed on them. Three are randomly selected from the available pool (list below), and placed on the battlefield at the start of the game. The first one is revealed on the first turn, the second on turn two, and the third one on turn three.

Each turn, players can play their cards on any of the three Locations, whether they are revealed or not. A player controls a Location at the end of the final sixth round by having the most combined power of their cards on that Location (unless surrendered prior).

A board with [card name=
A board with Danger Room, Monster Metropolis and Dark Dimension revealed (Eric Gerson Twitter)

There are over 60 Locations to be released with the official launch, with new ones being added once a week as Featured Locations. More Locations and Cards may periodically be added to coincide with other Marvel franchise promotions.

How Often do Locations Appear? Rarity Explained

Not all Locations are created equal. Some have powerful effects, and some have effects that cause variance and can swing the game from one end to another! Each Location is categorized according to their rarity, each with its own chance of appearing.

UncommonBar Sinister
RareDistrict X
Ultra RareEgo
Click on the rarity to see the full list of locations for each rarity.

Featured Locations are brand new Locations that are added to the game and will show up 40% more frequently in games during the feature period.

They are active for 48 hours after their release, starting on Tuesdays at 8 PM PST (0300 UTC).

Hot Locations

Hot Locations are locations that already exists in the game that are selected to come up 60% more frequently during games, similar to Featured Locations.

They are active for 24 hours, starting on Sundays at 8 PM PST (0300 UTC).

Marvel Snap Location List

For the full list of Marvel Snap locations, check out our database.

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