Marvel Snap Locations Guide: Full List and How They Work

Marvel Snap Locations: Full List and How They Work

In Marvel Snap, a player’s win condition is to control two (or more) out of three Locations on the board. Each Location represent iconic places from the Marvel Universe, and is a key strategic element in the game.

Locations are effectively a column where players can play their cards, with most having special unique effects on cards that are placed on them. Three are randomly selected from the available pool (list below), and placed on the battlefield at the start of the game. The first one is revealed on the first turn, the second on turn two, and the third one on turn three.

Each turn, players can play their cards on any of the three Locations, whether they are revealed or not. A player controls a Location at the end of the final sixth round by having the most combined power of their cards on that Location (unless surrendered prior).

There are over 60 Locations to be released with the official launch, with new ones being added once a week to start. More Locations and Cards may periodically be added to coincide with other Marvel franchise promotions.

Featured Locations are brand new Locations that are added to the game and will show up 40% more frequently in games during the feature period.

They are active for 48 hours after their release, starting at 0300 UTC on selected Tuesdays.

Hot Locations

Every Sunday, a random Location (that already exists in the game) will be selected to come up 60% more frequently during games, similar to Featured Locations.

They are active for 24 hours, starting at 0300 UTC every Sunday.

Marvel Snap Location List – Closed Beta

Location NameLocation Effect
AsgardAt the end of turn 4, whoever is winning here draws 2 cards.
AtlantisIf you only have one card here, it has +5 Power.
Avengers CompoundOn turn 5, all cards must be played here.
Baxter BuildingWhoever is winning this location gets +3 Power at the others.
Central ParkAdd a Squirrel to each locaton
Cloning VatsWhen you play a card here, add a copy to your hand.
Crimson Cosmos1, 2, and 3-Cost cards can’t be played here.
Daily BugleGet a copy of a card in your opponent’s hand.
Danger RoomCards played here have a 25% chance to be destroyed.
Dark DimensionCards played here are not revealed until the game ends.
District XReplace both decks with 10 random cards.
Dream DimensionOn turn 5, cards cost 1 more.
ElysiumCards cost 1 less.
Grand CentralAt the end of turn 5, put a card from each player’s hand here.
HalaAt the end of turn 4, destroy all cards controlled by the player losing here.
Hellfire Club1-Cost cards can’t be played here.
K'un-LunWhen a card moves here, give it +2 Power.
Kamar-TajOn Reveal effects happen twice at this location.
KnowhereWhen you play a card here, destroy it.
KylnYou can’t play cards here after turn 4.
LechuguillaWhen you play a card here shuffle 3 rocks into your deck
LimboThere is a turn 7 this game.
Los Diablos BaseAt the end of turn 3, ruin a random location.
MindscapeAt the start of turn 6, swap hands.
Miniaturized LabOn turn 3, 4, and 5, no cards can be added here.
Mirror DimensionAt the end of turn 3, transform into one of the other locations.
MojoworldWhoever has more cards here gets +100 Power.
Monster IslandAdd a 9-Power Monster here for each player.
Muir IslandAfter each turn, give cards here +1 Power.
MurderworldAt the end of turn 3, destroy all cards here.
Negative ZoneCards here have -3 Power.
New YorkOn turn 6, you can move cards to this location.
Nova RomaDraw a card.
OlympiaDraw 2 cards
Onslaught's CitadelOngoing effects here are doubled.
Ruins[no effect]
SakaarPut a card from each player’s hand here.
Sanctum SanctorumCards can’t be played here
Savage LandAdd two Raptors on each side of this location.
ShadowlandAdd a Ninja to each side with -2 Power.
Sinister LondonWhen you play a card here, add a copy to another location.
SokoviaDiscard a card from each player’s hand.
Stark TowerAt the end of turn 5, give all cards here +2 Power.
Strange AcademyAt the end of turn 5 move all cards here to other random locations.
SubterraneaShuffle 5 rocks into each deck.
The Bar With No NameWhoever has the least Power here wins.
The Big House4, 5 and 6-Cost cards can’t be played here.
The HubAdd a random card to each player’s hand.
The Space ThroneOnly one card can be here for each player.
The SuperflowIf you have no cards here, +1 energy each turn.
The VaultOn turn 6, cards can’t be played here.
Tinkerer's Workshop+1 Energy this turn.
Titan6-Cost cards cost 1 less.
WakandaCards here can’t be destroyed.
Wakandan EmbassyGive +2 Power to cards in players’ hands.
WeirdworldBoth players draw from their opponent’s decks.
X-MansionAt the end of turn 3, add a random card here for each player.
XandarCards here have +1 Power.
Washington D.C.Cards here with no abilities have +3 Power.
KlyntarCards here have -2 Power.
Monster MetropolisThe cards with the highest power here get +3 Power.
TransiaShuffles the locations
WorldshipDestroy the other locations.
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