Marvel Snap Zone Ultimate Card Metrics Report (1)

Ultimate Card Metrics Report: December 8, 2023 Update

Stay ahead of the competition and elevate your game with in-depth insights into Marvel Snap's card meta and the impact of all patches and OTAs.

Unlock the power of data with the Marvel Snap Zone Card Metrics Report! Our meticulously crafted spreadsheet is a secret weapon for serious players looking to improve their game, deckbuilders, and content creators.

Get a competitive edge with advanced metrics that reveal the top-performing cards, biggest movers, and strategic insights for the week. Designed and created by a high-ranking Infinite/Competitive Snapper, and professional business analyst.

A note from Drew/Emperion: I designed this data analysis spreadsheet to fuel the Marvel Snap content that I write for Marvel Snap Zone and collect data from the best Marvel Snap Tracker to build out this weekly report. As a deckbuilder and one of the top players in the game, data is essential to my decision-making when building new decks and considering changes to existing ones. Now, I’m sharing this powerful tool with the Marvel Snap Zone Premium community!

With this report in your arsenal, you’ll also be empowered to make data-driven decisions in your Marvel Snap Deckbuilding!

Preview the last report from November 17, 2023 for free!


  • Comprehensive Card Analysis: In-depth metrics for each card, providing a clear view of the current meta for the week, including detailed analysis of 7-day changes to all relevant values.
  • Card Trends: Visual indicators and filters to sort by how cards are trending in the meta.
  • Card Categorization: Quickly filter by card type and the role the card plays in Marvel Snap!
  • Expert Card Rankings (XRank): XRanks were developed using data analysis techniques and weighted scoring for different week-over-week shifts in individual card performance. Two different XRank metrics: Meta Pillars, which puts more weight on meta share representation, and Rising Stars, which weights cards based on the biggest shifts in performance from the previous week. We’re capturing feedback from other Marvel Snap Pros and always tuning the model to improve its value! You’ll get the latest and greatest XRankings with model improvements in each weekly report release.
  • Accessible Spreadsheet: User-friendly organization that highlights the week’s top performers at a glance. 
  • Get crunchy! Dig into the specific numbers behind each and every card in Marvel Snap! Multiple metrics and calculations mean you can view cards from multiple angles to understand the full story the data tells. Filter by any number, statistic, or column to fuel your own analysis of the data from the week!


  • Actionable Insights: Make informed decisions to refine your decks and gameplay strategies.
  • Time-Saving: I do the heavy lifting, analyzing data so you can focus on designing amazing decks, playing, and winning cubes! 
  • Community Edge: Join a community of top-tier players who leverage data to dominate the game.

What’s Included

  • Instant Access: Marvel Snap Premium users get access to the weekly report as soon as it is available. Includes both Excel + Google Sheets versions.
  • Newest Features and Enhancements automatically applied in future weeks! We capture your feedback to improve the value of the report and add new enhancements and features over time that will elevate your game.


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Drew Cordell / Emperion is a competitive life-long card game player and lover of the control archetype in all its forms and functions. Drew was a competitive player and top content creator in Flesh and Blood TCG before transitioning to Marvel Snap. When he's not busy slinging cardboard or writing, Drew enjoys cooking, craft beer, and mountain biking.

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