Marvel Snap Free-to-Play (F2P) Guide - May 2022

Marvel Snap Free-to-Play (F2P) Guide: How Friendly Is It?

Hey guys, Tauna here! Today we are here to talk about how free-to-play (F2P) friendly Marvel Snap is!

The Good

First up, we have the Marvel Snap Season Pass. Now, I know what you are thinking. Season passes, or battle passes, typically are some of the most pay-to-win concepts within games.

They typically are almost required for players to spend on to be able to compete at a higher level and be able to gain as many resources as you are able to. In Marvel Snap, the Season Pass rewards you with a variety of different loot that is going to be helpful for progressing your account.

The current “season 0” pass for example gives you:

  • Gold
  • Credits
  • A Variant Card
  • Boosters for your cards

However, the Season Passes for Marvel Snap are able to be purchased with cash only.

  • The weekly quest that requires you to complete 3 days worth of daily challenges will reward you with 200 Gold. 
  • The season pass also rewards you with 100 Gold for free.
  • For hitting rank 90, or Galactic rank, you’ll get 500 Gold.

On top of that, the Season Pass also rewards you with another 500 Gold on the premium track for completing it. Obviously you can spend this on other things, but if you want to you can simply reinvest it back into the next month’s season pass.

Essentially buy the pass once, and you’ll have it forever. Don’t want to buy the pass? That’s fine. There are a lot of free rewards within it as well to reward those who grind out the necessary XP to max it out. 

Second, is card collecting. This is probably one of the most free-to-play friendly games in this regard as the team at Second Dinner have made the vow that every card will be obtainable F2P.

Cards are simply obtained by progressing through your Collection Levels, with roughly every 4 levels at the beginning rewarding you with a new Mystery Card selected from a pool. No randomcard packs to buy. As you progress higher, the pool widens until you’re able to obtain all the cards. While some cards may be exclusive to the season pass or nexus events to begin with, they’ll be added to the regular card pools after the events finish to allow everyone to be able to obtain them which is honestly pretty awesome in itself. All of these cards are obtained free-to-play, with upgrading your Collection Level being simply tied to upgrading your cards with boosters and credits that are easily obtainable as a free-to-play player just simply by playing the game and completing quests.

Speaking of Nexus Events, these will be limited time events (now discontinued) that will come around and have 1 or 2 cards tied to them. You open loot boxes using a special currency for that event, with a chance for rewards ranging from credits to the exclusive cards or art variants. This currency will be obtainable free-to-play, via the different reward tracks in-game, so even people who don’t spend will be able to make pulls! The events also will have a pity timer, so if you open a certain number of boxes and don’t get something decent you will get it on your next pull. They also are going to repeat! Worst case you miss it in round one, you’ll get it in round two potentially.

As a free-to-play player, you’ll also get a few variant cards here and there, but you won’t be able to aim for specific ones that you like the look of unfortunately. You’ll be relying on RNG to grace you with some pretty pictures of ones that you like! However, every card you get (variant or not) helps you level up your Collection Levels easier.

The “Bad”

Now, if that all sounds like a lot of free stuff it is. In Marvel Snap, so far it seems like the game is going to be incredibly free-to-play friendly. However, as with all things, there are definitely going to be some negatives.

First up is progression. While it is extremely free-to-play friendly to get started with, and grindable, people who spend will of course gain an advantage. They are able to buy more credits, which are one of the major hurdles in the game to be able to upgrade characters.

They also can buy more variants, and given that upgrading a card from Common to Uncommon is 50% more efficient than upgrades later on, this will be a major boost to their account. If they are buying credits, they can also buy the Fast Upgrades to be able to boost up some cards and get more Collection Levels that way too.

The good news for free-to-play players though is that Credit purchases are for Gold, not real money, so if they have some spare Gold they can spend it there. In addition, the purchases for gold are limited at purchasing an additional 700 credits per day and aren’t able to buy anymore. Still a decent advantage spenders are able to gain, but Second Dinner have limited it at least.

The Nexus Events will also give another opportunity for people to spend on the game to gain a potential advantage. The special currency that we talked about earlier is purchasable for real money, allowing spenders to be able to purchase more lottery lootboxes than their free-to-play brethren. Of course, they still have to get lucky but more tickets to the lottery means you are more likely to get the stuff that you need.


The Good:

  • All cards available free-to-play (eventually)
  • Progression for cards is obtainable via grinding
  • Gold obtainable via gameplay
  • Season pass gives you enough gold to buy it again each run
  • Season pass obtainable for gold
  • Credit purchases for Gold are limited
  • No Card “packs” to buy at all

The Bad:

  • Credits are purchasable for Gold
  • Some cards are exclusively for real money (or Gold) to begin with
  • Variants are exclusively for Gold
  • More Variants = Easier Collection Levels

Personally, I am finding the game extremely generous in regards to the content that it gives you with little or no monetary investment. Of course, this is the Closed Beta so things are subject to change but given the passionate speech from Ben Brode about making sure all cards are available free-to-play, I am very happy!


An avid player of card games since he got hooked on the Star Wars CCG back in his teens, Phil "gutshot" Bicking is excited to share his years of expertise to players of Marvel Snap.

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