Love and Thunder

Marvel Snap July 2022 Season: Love and Thunder

The July 2022 Season Two of Marvel Snap has started on June 4th, 2022 at 8 PM Pacific Time, called Love and Thunder! Named directly after the recently released film, the new season Battle Pass has the new exclusive card Thor, new variants to earn, more avatars to grab, and a bunch of other goodies.

To commemorate, pre-registration is also now available to players in Australia and New Zealand on Google Play! Here’s everything we know about the season so far, including missions, rewards, and more.

Love and Thunder

Season Details

  • Season Start: July 4, 2022 at 8 PM Pacific Time
  • Season End: August 8, 2022 at 8 PM Pacific Time
  • Premium Cost: $9.99 USD
  • Premium+ Cost: $14.99 USD

Ranked Seasonal Rewards

  • Players can climb the ranks by winning Cubes from games.
  • At the end of the season, players’ rank will start from 3 rank levels below the one they ended on. For example, if you ended the season in Gold, you will start from Iron.
  • To obtain the seasonal rewards retroactively, players must play 10 games. For example, if you started the season in Vibranium (rank 70), you will earn all rewards from Recruit to Diamond (rank 1 to 60) after playing 10 games in the current season.
5AgentMarvel Snap Card Back
10Iron100 Credits
20Bronze10 Boosters
30Silver200 Credits
40Gold20 Boosters
50PlatinumKorg Avatar
60Diamond300 Credits
70VibraniumAngela Avatar
80Omega500 Credits
90Galactic500 Gold
100InfiniteThor Avatar

New Card: Thor

Thor is a new card introduced with this month’s season pass and its base card can be obtained by purchasing the Premium Season Pass. Its Variant can be obtained at Level 50 (click on the arrow to alternate between the variants). The other two characters in focus this season are Lady Sif and Heimdall, which you can also earn their avatars and variants for in the Premium Season Pass.

As faithful to his character, he summons Mjolnir to his aid, but not immediately. It doesn’t cost anything except a free space in a location, but will require it to be drawn in the two (sometimes three) turns after he is summoned.

Though at first glance, Thor does not seem as powerful as Wave as it looks to be a conditional stat stick that gives 12 Power for 4 Energy that also requires two spots on the board.

It does work well with Jane Foster (also in the movie) but is currently unavailable in-game. She will be obtainable via Nexus Events that are coming soon, along with Valkyrie.

Season Pass Missions

Chapter 1: Thor: Son of Odin

0/7Chapter Challenge: Complete All 7 Chapter 1 Missions2500
0/35Play On Reveal Cards900
0/1000Play 1000 Power’s worth of cards1200
0/10Play 6 Cost Cards1050
0/200Draw Cards650
0/15Gain Collection Score950
0/10Win Matches800
0/1Complete a full weekly Mission800

Chapter 2: Defending Asgard with Lady Sif

0/7Chapter Challenge: Complete All 7 Chapter 2 Missions2500
0/25Win a Location with 4 Cards1000
0/12Upgrade a Card1200
0/30Play 3 Cost Cards900
0/20Win a Location with 1 card800
0/50Play 2 Cost Cards800
0/25Win a Location with 10 or Less Power950
0/50Play 1 Cost cards650

Chapter 3: Stop Destroyer Before it’s too Late

0/7Chapter Challenge: Complete All 7 Chapter 3 Missions25000
0/40Play On Reveal Cards950
0/10Win with a Snap1200
0/25Win a Location with over 20 power1000
0/15Destroy Cards900
0/1Win all 3 Locations in a Match1200
0/10Complete Hard Daily Missions1100
0/5Make Your Opponents Retreat1500

Chapter 4: Call the Bifrost with Heimdall

0/7Chapter Challenge: Complete All 7 Chapter 4 Missions4000
1/10Play 6 Cost cards1050
0/10Move Cards1200
0/7Upgrade a Card1200
0/20Complete Daily Missions950
0/20Win Matches1200
0/250Acquire Boosters900
0/20Win a Location with 4 Cards1500

Season Pass Rewards

1Thor Base Card
2100 Credits
315 Thor Boosters
4100 Gold
5200 Credits
615 Thor Boosters
715 Boosters
81 Card Art Variant
915 Thor Boosters
10100 Credits
11100 Gold
12Lady Sif Variant Avatar
13200 Credits
1420 Lady Sif Boosters
15100 Gold
1615 Boosters
17100 Credits
18Lady Sif Variant
19100 Gold
2020 Lady Sif Boosters
21100 Credits
2215 Boosters
23200 Credits
2415 Boosters
2520 Lady Sif Boosters
26100 Credits
271 Card Art Variant
28200 Credits
29100 Gold
30200 Credits
31Asgard Card Back
3220 Heimdall Boosters
33100 Gold
34Heimdall Variant Avatar
35100 Credits
3620 Heimdall Boosters
37200 Credits
38100 Gold
3915 Boosters
40Heimdall Variant
41200 Credits
4220 Heimdall Boosters
4315 Boosters
4420 Thor Boosters
45500 Credits
46Thor Variant Avatar
47Mjölnir Card Back
481 Card Art Variant
49500 Gold
50Thor Variant
51+Season Cache
Total2100 Credits
300 Gold
65 Boosters
400 Credits
900 Gold
15 Boosters
65 Thor Boosters
60 Lady Sif Boosters
60 Heimdall Boosters

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