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Everything we know about Marvel Snap’s Nexus Events

Marvel Snap is set to release their first Nexus Events later this month, so we wanted to get a quick guide out on how they work and what players can expect from them.

In Marvel lore, Nexus events are occurrences which alter the timeline. These events can be as important as starting a war or as innocuous as someone being late for work. Whenever a Nexus event happens, the person that caused that event spawns a ‘variant’ of themselves that exists in a separate timeline. (So the card art variants from Snap can be thought of as different versions of a character that exist in other timelines!)

In Marvel Snap, Nexus Events are essentially a loot box. You spend in-game currency, namely Gold, and acquire a pull from a Nexus Event. Contained within each Nexus Event pull is a reward. Think of it as ‘altering’ your own personal timeline with the acquisition of new variants, avatars or even new cards!

Yes, Nexus Events are one of the ways Marvel Snap will be doling out new cards regularly to players. In Marvel Snap’s first Nexus Events, celebrating the Season Pass of Thor: Love and Thunder, there are to be two new cards released, Jane Foster and Valkyrie. In addition, two previously existing cards will also be available to unpack in those Nexus Events, Destroyer and Hela.

The cost of each pull from a Nexus Event is 180 Gold. The odds of what rarity reward you pull are:

Super Rare1.5%

The Rare rewards, which usually consist of variants and avatars, have a 10 pull pity timer, so after 10 pulls you are guaranteed at least one Rare. The Super Rare rewards have a 50 pull pity timer, so you are guaranteed a Super Rare every 50 pulls.

When you pull a Common reward, the odds of what that reward will be are:

200 Credits35%
20 Mystery Boosters35%
300 Credits10%
30 Mystery Boosters10%
400 Credits5%
40 Mystery Boosters5%

Below you can find a FAQ which hopefully will answer any other questions you have about Nexus Events. We will be keeping this FAQ updated as new info is revealed, so be sure to check back often!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Nexus Event?
A: Nexus Events are a type of loot box that appears in Marvel Snap for a limited time. You can spend Gold to purchase a Nexus Event and inside it will be various loot such as card art variants, avatars and new cards.

Q: How long will a Nexus Event be available and how often will they come around?
A: Nexus Events happen every two weeks and they last two weeks until the next one starts.

Q: How much Gold is each Nexus Event?
A: The cost is 180 Gold for one pull or 1800 Gold for 10 pulls.

Q: How many pulls can I purchase of a Nexus Event?
A: The maximum amount of pulls available for purchase from a Nexus Event is 200.

Q: What exactly does each Nexus Event contain?
A: Each Nexus Event has Common, Rare and Super Rare rewards. Common rewards are Credits or Boosters, Rare rewards are variants and avatars and Super Rare rewards consist of new cards and their variants.

Q: What are the odds of getting a new card from a Nexus Event?
A: The odds of what drops from a Nexus Event are currently unknown, however, the developers have stated that the odds will be published ahead of time.

Q: Will there be a pity timer on pulling cards from a Nexus Event?
A: Yes. There is a pity timer on both the Rare and Super Rare rewards. The way pity timers work is after each pull of a Nexus Event, if you don’t acquire a Rare or Super Rare reward, your odds of acquiring it in your next pull get higher. Eventually, you will reach 100% odds of unpacking a Rare or Super Rare.

Q: How many cards will be available from Nexus Events?
A: The developers have stated they will be releasing one new card during each Nexus Event period. It looks as if there will also be one previously-available card, added to the Nexus Event pool.

Q: What if I already have the previously released card?
A: If you already own the previously released card, then it is removed from the available rewards from a Nexus Event for you. This means it takes less opens for you to acquire the newly released card, as it is the only card in the Nexus Event reward pool for you.

Q: When I acquire a card from a Nexus Event that was previously released, how does it affect my Collection Level rewards track progress?
A: If you get a base card from a Nexus Event, that base card is removed from your potential Collection Level rewards so you can get more new cards faster.

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