Test Your Might Nexus Event

Test Your Might Nexus Event – Details, Drop Rates, and Item List

Marvel Snap’s first Nexus Event is now live with the version 3.0.1 patch, allowing players to purchase exclusive cards, variants, and avatars via loot boxes that cost 180 Gold for each. Below is the official published details of the event, including drop rates, complete item reward list, and more.

The main draw to this event for most players will be the two base cards – Jane Foster and Destroyer. According to the official drop rates published below, you need 50 opens guarantee one of the two cards, which after you can open either their variant or the other card you haven’t obtained yet. 27,000 Gold converted to USD, will cost around $340 at most to obtain the two cards unless luck is on your side.

Event Details

  • Event Start: July 19, 2022 at 8 PM Pacific Time
  • Event End: August 1, 2022 at 8 PM Pacific Time
  • Open 1 Cost: 180 Gold
  • Open 10 Cost: 1800 Gold



Base Cards

New Variants

*Can only be earned after base card is owned

Jane Foster + [card name=

After Global Launch, Nexus Event Super Rare Variants are limited to the Nexus Event they are released within and potentially may not be available to be earned again in the future.



Rocket Raccoon + [card name=
Drax + [card name=


Test Your Might Nexus Event Avatars

Nexus Event Details


Nexus Event “Test Your Might” is now available.  During this limited time event, base cards for Mighty Thor: Jane Foster and Destroyer will be available from opening the “Test Your Might” Nexus Event.

*In most cases the base probability of all available characters is evenly distributed.



Each Nexus Event can be opened up to 200 times.  Within the 200 openings, the player is guaranteed to receive all Super Rare and Rare rewards.

Super Rare Rewards

Each time you open a Nexus Event, you have a 1.5% chance to earn a Super Rare reward. You are guaranteed to win a Super Rare reward at least once per 50 attempts until you acquire them all.  The first time you win a Super Rare item in the nexus event there is a 50% chance to receive either of the two Super Rare characters.  If you already have a base card, it is removed from the pool of potential rewards. Once all Super Rare rewards are earned, no more Super Rare rewards can be earned from that particular Nexus Event.

The player will accumulate attempts to receive a Super Rare reward until a Super Rare reward is received.  The accumulated attempts will be honored across Nexus Events.

Rare Rewards

Base probability of receiving a Rare reward is 9.5%; guaranteed to win a Rare reward or better at least once per 10 attempts.  You can earn variants for characters you do not own the base card for and those variants can be used in decks immediately.  If a player has earned all themed Nexus Event Rare rewards, they will receive mystery variants for characters currently owned or mystery avatars on all remaining Rare rewards that Nexus Event.


To give you more opportunities to open Nexus Events, we have increased the amount of free gold earnable per season!

Estimated Free Gold Per Season:  ~2,000 Gold*

*Assumes completed Season Pass, completed 4 weekly challenges, and 1.33 Collector’s Reserve opened per day

  • 1 Nexus Event Opens – 180 Gold
  • 10 Nexus Event Opens – 1800 Gold

Full Item List Available in “Test Your Might” Nexus Event

SUPER RARE – Base probability is 1.5% – Guaranteed at 50 Opens
RARE – Base probability is 9.5% – Guaranteed at 10 Opens
COMMON – Base probability is 89%
  • Credits – 200 Credits (35%)
  • Credits – 300 Credits (10%)
  • Credits – 400 Credits (5%)
  • Boosters – 20 Mystery Boosters (35%)
  • Boosters – 30 Mystery Boosters (10%)
  • Boosters – 40 Mystery Boosters (5%)

*Highlight probability once it is determined a Common Reward is selected from the base probability

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