Atlantis Beach Club

June 2022 Season Pass: Atlantis Beach Club

The first full season of Marvel Snap has started on June 6th, 2022 at 8 PM Pacific Time, despite the game still being in limited closed beta. However, the game is quickly looking to open its doors to various regions over time as its soft launch open beta starts in the Philippines this week!

To commemorate, the June 2022 Season Pass is called Atlantis Beach Club! New theme, rewards, and more things to collect – here’s everything we know so far.

Atlantis Beach Club

Season Pass Details

  • Season Start: June 6, 2022 at 8 PM Pacific Time
  • Season End: July 3, 2022 at 8 PM Pacific Time
  • Premium Cost: $9.99 USD
  • Premium+ Cost: $14.99 USD

Season Pass Cannot be Purchased with In-Game Currency

A notable change to this season pass is that the Premium pass cannot be purchased with in-game currency. The free track still rewards up to 2100 Credits and 300 Gold, 1 random variant (750 Gold), 1 Card Back and 45 Boosters.

The Premium price starts at $9.99 USD (or local currency equivalent) and additional rewards include 1 new early access card (Wave), 900 Gold, 245 Boosters, 2 random Variants, 3 featured Variants, and 3 exclusive featured Avatars.

New Card: Wave

Atlantis Beach Club Wave

Wave is a new card introduced with this month’s season pass and its base card can be obtained by purchasing the Premium Season Pass. Its Variant can be obtained at Level 50.

A 3 cost, 3 power unit, her ability fixes all the card costs to 4. Whether they disrupt you and your opponent by increasing their cheap-costed characters or benefit by decreasing a big-costed one such as The Infinaut, she may have some interesting applications.

Another interesting to note is that Pearl Pangan’s origin is also from Philippines, where Marvel Snap will be making its first soft launch open beta region!

Other featured Variants in the reward track include:

Season Pass Rewards

Atlantis Beach Club Rewards
1Wave Base Card
2100 Credits
315 Wave Boosters
4100 Gold
5200 Credits
615 Wave Boosters
715 Boosters
81 Card Art Variant
915 Wave Boosters
10100 Credits
11100 Gold
12Namor Variant Avatar
13200 Credits
1420 Namor Boosters
15100 Gold
1615 Boosters
17100 Credits
18Namor Variant
19100 Gold
2020 Namor Boosters
21100 Credits
2215 Boosters
2320 Namor Boosters
24100 Credits
251 Card Art Variant
26100 Credits
2715 Wave Boosters
28200 Credits
29100 Gold
3015 Boosters
31Atlantis Card Back
3220 Cosmo Boosters
33100 Gold
34Cosmo Avatar
35100 Credits
3620 Cosmo Boosters
37200 Credits
38100 Gold
3915 Boosters
40Cosmo Variant
4120 Cosmo Boosters
42100 Credits
4315 Boosters
4420 Wave Boosters
45500 Credits
46Wave Variant Avatar
47Trident Card Back
481 Card Art Variant
49500 Gold
50Wave Variant
5150 Credits
5250 Credits
5350 Credits
5450 Credits
5550 Credits

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