February 2023 Season

Into the Quantum Realm – MODOK: Marvel Snap February 2023 Season Pass

Marvel Snap's February 2023 Season features MODOK, Ant Man, and Wasp! Check out the full details about the season here, including new cards, bundles, locations, and more!

Marvel Snap’s February 2023 Season is likely to be associated with the new Marvel film Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania! It is planned to start on February 6, 2022 at 7 PM Pacific Time, featuring MODOK as the new Season Pass card, Ant Man, and Wasp with their Steampunk variants! Check out all the latest details in this guide.

February 2023 Season
Image Datamine: MarvelSnap.pro

Season Details

  • Season Start: February 6, 2023 at 7 PM Pacific Time
  • Season End: March 6, 2023 at 7 PM Pacific Time
  • Premium Cost: $9.99 USD
    Unlock Premium to earn exclusive content
  • Premium+ Cost: $14.99 USD
    Unlock Premium content and advances Season Pass by 10 levels

New Season Pass Card: MODOK

MODOK appears to be the datamined new card of the season, as well as featuring the exclusive Steampunk variants of Ant Man and Wasp in the Season Pass reward track.

Check out our MODOK theorycrafting strategy guide as well as decks to try on the first day!

New Series 5 Cards

Some of the new datamined Unreleased cards enter the fray each week, including Zabu entering as a Series 5 card at the end of its own Season. As per the announced January 31th Series Drop, we will see Black Panther demoted to Series 4, and potential Silver Surfer later in February.

Here are the new Series 5 cards that are confirmed by the Developer Update to be released during the February 2022 season, with their dates. You can purchase them with Collector’s Tokens when they appear in your Token Shop or have a 0.25% chance of opening them in Collector’s Caches and Reserves. Check out the full card release schedule for the most up to date details.

Card NameRelease DateSourceGuide
ZabuFebruary 7, 2023Series 5Guide
GhostFebruary 14, 2023Series 5Guide
StatureFebruary 21, 2023Series 5Guide
KangFebruary 28, 2023Series 5Guide


Four Bundles have been datamined by MarvelSnap.pro for the February 2023 Quantumania Season and Valentine’s Day! We will have full analysis on these Bundles coming soon as well as a new comparison chart. Contents, cost and dates are yet to be confirmed and are not final until announced or released.

Positively Charged

Westview Story

Steamy Hell’s Kitchen


Momoko Magic

Featured Locations

Each new season brings new Locations that can show up during games. Every Wednesday 3 AM GMT, a new location becomes a Featured Locations and shows up 40% more during games for 48 hours.

Hot Locations

The Hot Locations during this season happens every Sunday at 3 AM GMT, when an existing location shows up 60% more during games for 24 hours.

Ranked Seasonal Rewards

  • Players can climb the Marvel Snap ladder by winning Cubes from games. Every 10 Cubes increase the rank, and every 10 ranks is a new tier of rewards. Players cannot go below rank 100 once they reach the Infinite rank.
  • At the end of the season, players’ rank will start from 3 rank levels below the one they ended on, rounded down. For example, if you ended the season in Gold Rank 49, you will start from Iron Rank 10.
  • To obtain the seasonal rewards retroactively, players must play 10 games. For example, if you started the season in Diamond (rank 60), you will earn all rewards from Recruit to Diamond (rank 1 to 60) after playing 10 games in the current season.
5AgentMarvel Snap Card Back
10Iron200 Credits
20Bronze40 Boosters
30Silver250 Credits
40GoldMy Other Ride is An Ant Title
50Platinum400 Credits
60DiamondMystery Variant
70Vibranium500 Credits
80OmegaMODOK Avatar
90Galactic500 Gold
100InfiniteGold Hourglass Card Back

Season Pass Rewards

Total300 Gold
2300 Credits
85 Boosters
1 Card Back
1 Title
1 Variant
900 Gold
300 Credits
230 Boosters
1 Card Back
2 Titles
1 Base Card
6 Variants
1MODOK Base Card
2100 Credits
325 MODOK Boosters
4100 Gold
5200 Credits
625 MODOK Boosters
7Mystery Variant
815 Boosters
9Honey, I Shrunk The Heroes Title
10100 Credits
11100 Gold
12Ant Man Steampunk Variant Avatar
13200 Credits
1430 Ant Man Boosters
15100 Gold
1615 Boosters
17100 Credits
18Ant Man Steampunk Variant
19100 Gold
2030 Ant Man Boosters
2115 Boosters
22Mystery Variant
23200 Credits
2415 Boosters
25Silver Hourglass Card Back
26200 Credits
27Couple Cubes Shor Of A Rank Title
28100 Credits
29100 Gold
30Wasp Steampunk Variant Avatar
31200 Credits
3230 Wasp Boosters
33100 Gold
34Wasp Steampunk Variant
35200 Credits
3630 Wasp Boosters
37100 Gold
3825 Boosters
39100 Credits
40Mystery Variant
41200 Credits
4260 MODOK Boosters
43200 Credits
44Have I Defeated You Before? Title
45500 Credits
46MODOK Assassin Variant Avatar
47Mystery Variant
48Ant Man Card Back
49500 Gold
50MODOK Assassin Variant
51+Season Cache

Season Pass XP

Players need 1000 Season Pass XP per level of the Season Pass. Most of the XP is obtained through Season Pass Missions and the following formula for a bit of extra. This allows players to progress past the main rewards at Level 50 towards the Season Cache:

  • 1 XP for each turn played in a match
  • 10 XP for each location won in a match
  • 50 XP for each Hard Daily Mission

Season Pass Missions

Season Pass Missions are divided into Chapters, one per week. Each Chapter has 7 Missions, and a Challenge that grants additional XP when all Missions are completed. Each Chapter rewards a variable amount of Season XP, between 8000 and 9000.

When the season starts, Chapter 1 of the Season Pass Missions opens with 4 available missions. Then every 24 hours, a new mission unlocks. Every week, a new chapter unlocks with 4 missions until the end of the season.

Chapter 1: Look Out For the Little Guy!

0/7Chapter Challenge: Complete All 7 Chapter 1 Missions2500
0/25Play 1 Cost Cards800
0/20Win a Location with 20 or More Power700
0/30Play Ongoing Cards600

Chapter 2

Coming soon!

Chapter 3

Coming soon!

Chapter 4

Coming soon!

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      • Yah, they got some bug in the variant swapper for Modok too, if you swap his variants on this page, the correct one is skipped over and it shows the pixel one twice.

  1. Hello Discard decks. It’s about time Discard decks get a boost. Now if only Move decks could receive a similar treatment.

    Also, no Kang? I was actually expecting the arrival of Kang rather than Modok for Quantumania. lol

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