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Marvel Snap Development Roadmap – Future Updates

Marvel Snap’s global release on October 18, 2022 does not mean the game is finished – far from it! The Second Dinner team released a Development Roadmap, sharing everything that is coming soon, in development, and still in concept on Marvel Snap. You can view the game’s update history and patch notes here.

Goodbye Beta, Hello Future!

We launch MARVEL SNAP globally on October 18th! We’ve all been focused on this exciting moment, but let’s talk a bit about the FUTURE! First, we have to thank our incredible beta community that has played and provided invaluable feedback over the past few months. We’re here to make a game that people will love for years to come and you’ve really helped us build our foundations. We can’t wait to continue this journey together – launch is just the beginning!

Starting today, you’re going to get occasional updates from us on what’s happening in our ‘development roadmap’. We can’t promise everything you see will actually make it into the game; game development is a highly iterative process and things can change rapidly! But, we hope that sharing a bit more of the process will help with transparency along the way.

What we CAN promise you is that your feedback (in places like our discord community) will have an impact on what we prioritize or focus on, as it already has throughout beta.

Let’s jump in, shall we?

Coming Soon

Items listed here are in the final phase of development and these features are almost ready to release to players! We’re cleaning up, polishing art, and squashing bugs. Our Quality Assurance teams scrape over all the little details to ensure we have as smooth an experience for players as possible. Once features are “Coming Soon,” we can start to plan release dates, timelines, and share some insight with players.

As you might imagine, the team is getting ready for everything related to the Global Launch of MARVEL SNAP! This includes:

  • Global Launch on Android and iOS
  • PC Early Access
  • Localizing the game in 13 languages
  • Welcome Bundle
  • Reward Delivery Inbox System
  • Variant Rarity System*

What’s the Variant Rarity System?

We’re going to have over 1000 card art variants available in MARVEL SNAP at global launch! Some of these variants are going to be more rare than others. 75% of existing variants will now be labeled as Rare Variants and will have their cost reduced in the Daily Offers Shop from 750G to 700G. You can also earn these variants in Collector’s Reserves on the Collection Level track, Mystery Card Art Variants, and in the Season Cache at the end of each Season Pass. The remaining 25% of variants will become Super Rare and will only be available in the Daily Offers shop for 1200G. Each Season Pass will also include a number of limited time exclusive Super Rare variants.

As a part of this update we’re adding 75+ new Rare variants, and 25+ new Super Rare variants!

In Development

Game features in this section are actively being developed, iterated, and improved upon. Our production team dedicates team resources, generates tasks/timelines, and ensures we’re moving forward. Features and systems in this bucket can change dramatically – we might find our initial idea actually wasn’t fun OR we might discover we can achieve our goals in a totally unexpected way!

Here’s a few features the team is actively working on right now:

  • Battle Mode vs Friends*
  • Unranked Mode*
  • Collector Tokens*
  • PC Widescreen UI
  • Titles System

What’s Battle Mode vs Friends?

We know you’ve been asking how you can play against friends and this is how! Battle Mode is a totally new way to play MARVEL SNAP. In Battle Mode, each player starts with 10 health and the winning player deals damage to their opponent equal to the stakes of the game. If you doubled down and SNAPPED, you’ll do 4 damage to your opponent instead of 2 – or retreat early and only lose 1 health! Players will play a series of games against each other with the same deck until one player has no health left.

We think Battle Mode is the best way to play against friends, or run community tournaments, because it provides a clear winner while still incorporating the SNAP mechanic. We can’t wait to see the community play in Battle Mode!

What’s Unranked Mode?

In Unranked Mode, players face-off against other players without the risk of losing Ranks or Cosmic Cubes while still making progress on your Missions. This is the perfect place to test new decks and strategies.

What are Collector Tokens?

We love that everyone has a unique collection and gets to enjoy the fun of collecting over time. However, one of the most frequent requests we hear from the community is the ability to target specific cards for your collection. Maybe you’re waiting on Death to complete your Destroy deck or Hela for your Discard deck? Collector Tokens are a new free currency earned on the Collection Level Road that can be used to unlock the cards you want most in the Shop. (With the addition of Collector Tokens, we will be significantly dropping the amount of Boosters from Collector’s Caches and Reserves.) 

The Token Shop features a card you don’t own every 8 hours! If you don’t have enough Tokens yet, players can freeze the shop to lock-in their targeted card. This isn’t meant to be the primary way to earn new cards, but being able to target the couple cards you want most should allow you to build the deck of your dreams! 

We’re planning to share more information about Collector Tokens as we get closer to release – stay tuned!

In Concept

We have BIG dreams about what we’d like to bring to the future of MARVEL SNAP! The first step towards these dreams are turning ideas into concepts through discussion, documentation, and planning. Features that are currently in the “In Concept” phase have been initially scoped out and given shape, but not yet had any engineering or development work done in the game itself. 

This is where we’d love your feedback (everywhere else too, but especially here!)! Concepts listed in this section may be elevated in priority, rescoped, or scrapped entirely… or we might hear something completely new from the community! We’re going to learn a tonduring global launch and beyond.

Here’s some of the future concepts we’re thinking about for MARVEL SNAP:

  • New Competitive Modes
  • Guilds (Social Systems)
  • In-Game Events
  • Infinity Rank Leaderboard
  • Collectible Emotes & Card Emojis
  • Mythic Variants

We hope to continually update you about our future roadmap using this framework. Let us know what you think and please continue to share your ideas for the future of MARVEL SNAP! Thank you again for all the feedback during beta. GLOBAL LAUNCH HERE WE COME!

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