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Marvel Snap Officially Launches Worldwide October 18th 2022!

Marvel Snap officially releases worldwide on October 18th 2022 on Google Play, Android, iOS and PC! Check out this article for more of the information provided at D23 Expo, and grab those download links to pre-register now!

We’ve been desperately waiting for more information regarding the worldwide open release of Marvel Snap – with the game being in closed beta worldwide for some time, and open beta in selected regions. However, thanks to the incredible D23 Expo held by Disney today, we finally have confirmation that Marvel Snap will release worldwide on the 18th October 2022!

The new pre-registration screen for the Marvel Snap Website

Perhaps even more excitingly, you can pre-register for Marvel Snap TODAY on Google Play, iOS and PC in their respective app stores – right now!

Google Play Download
iOS and PC Download

In an additional act of generosity, the official Marvel Snap Discord Server has confirmed that anyone who pre-registers during the period leading up to the official release will receive a special Max Grecke Hulk variant for Android, or a Dan Hipp Iron Man variant for iOS! You just need to make sure you play during launch month to receive this exclusive reward!

There has also be additional clarification that existing players will NOT have their collections or progress wiped prior to release, regardless of the fact that four unique battle passes have released during closed beta that will have been available to those players only – cards from those Battle Passes should be moving into Pool Three before official release. Matchmaking will be tailored to attempt to pair players of similar collection levels and rank to create the best experience for all players, including the flood of new arrivals.

Marvel Snap officially launches for all platforms on October 18th 2022 – and we hear at Marvel Snap Zone cannot wait to bring you all new coverage as the game as we get closer to, and eventually reach, the official release!

A screenshot from the new release trailer confirming the release date of Marvel Snap, previewed at D23 Expo during the Marvel x Disney Games Crossover Expo.

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