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HowlingMines is the Operations Manager of DotGG and many of their sister sites, such as MTGAZone and Marvel Snap Zone! A TCG Specialist for over a decade, he now looks to share sweet decks, detailed articles, and help upcoming creators grow!

MODOK Is Secretly A Ramp Card

The New Season Pass for Quantumania is finally here, and with it comes MODOK, a brand new tool likely to help Discard decks make a resurgence in the metagame - but HowlingMines thinks it may have a home in other shells too, and is looking to show that off today with a Ramp deck using a MODOK combo as a alternative Win Condition!

3AM M.O.D.O.K Release Stream NOW LIVE!

As is now tradition, HowlingMines is up and awake at an ungodly hour to celebrate the release of the new Season Pass and its' card - M.O.D.O.K Come and hang out in the YouTube Live Chat now to meet more of the Marvel Snap Zone Community, and get some of his early opinions on the card!

Can’t Stop Snapping! – A Marvel Snap Podcast – Episode 50: Breaking Down Battle Mode and More!

Friendly Battle Mode is now here in Marvel Snap! You can create or join a battle with a code from the app, and play against your friends. This new game mode is accompanied with an interesting patch, a new card, and a new location. Today I am joined by returning guests Lootmuncher and TeddyNinja to discuss how we feel about the state of the game with all of these changes, and what we expect going forward.

Can’t Stop Snapping! – A Marvel Snap Podcast – Episode 48: Shanna and “Big Recruits” with SafetyBlade!

I am joined by fellow Marvel Snap Zone contributor, SafteyBlade, to break down the latest additions to Marvel Snap. We share ideas on synergies, counters, and how these additions stack up against the rest of this season. SafetyBlade also breaks down his deck guide for the "Big Recruits" deck that he used on his way to achieving Infinite Rank this season.

Beating Zabu with…Zabu? – Infinite Rank Deck Highlight!

Many folks out there are still looking for the best way to use their new shiny season pass card, especially if they don't have Series 4 and 5 powerhouses like Absorbing Man or Darkhawk - and I think we have a good contestant here from our own Den_CCG, with a deck all about stats, and controlling the final turn of the game, and one that is also Series 3 only!

Breaking Down The Effects Of The First Series Drop

We've all been waiting for it, and Second Dinner finally delivered - 9 cards will be going doing one series at the end of January - five from Series 5, and four from Series 4. We've already written a lovely article that includes the cards going up and down and the developers comments on them, but I'm here to break down if this is good enough a fix and what I think of the cards chosen

Sera Patriot Surfer: The Best Deck You Forgot

HowlingMines has recently been on the prowl for more hidden gems inside of Marvel Snap - decklists that have made infinite in seasons past but aren't played much now, and working to breathe new life into them. Take a look at something he really likse that he thinks happened to be discovered at the wrong time - Sera Patriot Surfer!

Thanos Lockjaw Deck Highlight and Gameplay!

We often get requests for us to elaborate on our lower tiered decks in the Weekly Tier Lists - with HowlingMines often taking them out for a spin on stream to showcase their potential. This week, he's been messing around with Thanos - fittingly believed to be the hidden gem amongst his stones!

Can’t Stop Snapping! – A Marvel Snap Podcast – Episode 43: Klyntar, Knull and Snap Clash

We are back with another episode with returning (and first-ever) guest Cqrbon! Today we break down the latest card and location that have been added to Marvel Snap, Knull and Klyntar. What are your takes on these additions? What is the best combo you have seen with Knull? Let us know on Twitter @cant_stop_snap Cqrbon also breaks down the new tournament group that he has created for Marvel Snap, and lets you know how you can get involved. Here is a hint: join the Snap Clash Tournaments Discord here: and follow @snaptournaments on Twitter!

Can’t Stop Snapping! – A Marvel Snap Podcast – Episode 42: Collector Tokens and New Season!

Hey all, we are back to discuss a lot of the latest changes to Marvel Snap in the last couple of weeks, including the new season pass with Silver Surfer, and how we are feeling one week into the Token Shop and Collector's Tokens. How are you feeling about this new card acquisition feature? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter @cant_stop_snap. Don't forget to follow VinKelsier on Twitter and CaptainMoron on Twitch and YouTube!

Can’t Stop Snapping! – A Marvel Snap Podcast – Episode 41: New Cards and New Patch with LootMuncher! 

Hey all, we are back with another episode after a longer than normal gap between releases! Today we talk the latest patch in Marvel Snap, which brings Collector's Tokens, new cards, and some expected nerfs. How are you feeling about the patch? Let us know on Twitter @cant_stop_snap! And make sure to follow @CubeRushEvents on Twitter and Twitch to catch Lootmuncher hosting Cube Rush Events every Wednesday!