We Have To Talk About New Card Releases, And Why Nobody Cares.

If a new card releases in a card battler, but nobody is around to collect it - did it make a sound? New cards should be time for excitement, but the community at large just doesn't seem to care anymore. Today, I'm breaking down some of the reasons why I think that is, and offer some potential solutions as to how we could potentially remedy this growing problem for players.

“If A Card Releases In A Game, And Nobody Is Around To Collect It, Did It Even Really Happen?”

New cards should be time for excitement, but the community at large just doesn’t seem to care anymore. Today, I’m breaking down some of the reasons why I think that is, and offer some potential solutions as to how we could potentially remedy this growing problem for players.

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  1. I rarely opened 2 series 4 cards (helicarrier and absorbing man) and one of them is going to drop to series 3 so my feel is like never ending collecting series 3 and eventually get some series 4 card that hopefully is dropped down from series 5.
    Regarding spending tokens on that the fear of nerfs and have a “ruined” card without any refund is strong. I prefer spending 6000 tokens on missing cards from series 3/series 4 than series 5. The wide of possibilites to try new archetypes is stronger than having just an op card but that’s all.
    Series 5 are, for now, just for content creators that spend a lot of money on this game…

  2. I think they gotta do something like how LOL does where you get to play with the card for free for some small amount of time and it rotates every season or something that way new and old people get excited about the cards and you get to lab it out to see if its worth it for you to invest resources into acquiring it.

  3. The current economy is very poorly designed, in my opinion. New card releases are almost entirely irrelevant for the vast majority of players. This is contrary to every other CCG in the space, where the whole life-cycle revolves around new card drops, which refresh the game, and keep things interesting! But the best evidence that the current system is not fit for purpose: it’s just NOT FUN.
    The problem is Series 5. At the current rate of token gain, it takes about a month to grid 6K tokens, which is obviously ridiculous. SD needs to abandon their obsession with making cards artificially scarce: kill Series 5, put every new card into Series 4. Saving up 3K tokens is much more achievable. In general, they should stop trying to monetise the hell out of cards, when they are already monetising the hell of cosmetics.

    • there is nothing wrong with monetising cosmetics I mean in a ideal F2P world only cosmetics should be paid and to have a lot and really cool, so whales will fund the game through cosmetics.

  4. Yes, they’ve created a situation where most new cards will not appear at all in the general population for 3 months after release. Only the strongest will get tokened in pool 5 by more than a handful of players.

    It doesn’t help that this month’s pool 5 cards are niche/underwhelming. The people who still have 6000 tokens to spend seem unlikely to spend it on Shanna or Sauron or Dazzler with a potentially meta defining character like Kang on the horizon
    So even the whales aren’t bringing these cards into circulation.

    They definitely need a rethink to how new cards enter the game. Does pool 5 even need to exist? If everything enters at pool 4 then some people will pull the new card and its more affordable for interested players to token.

  5. Like the content, level 2748 and the pool 3 end is in sight of course I’ve still to collect some big hitters, leader, magik, maximus, quinjet, gigantic, red skull, mojo and to a lesser extent miles morales and omega red. Of course all of the pool 5 and 4 drops I have Luke cage, she hulk and Valkyrie are all being dropped down to the pool below. I spent tokens on Valkyrie when the tokens released.
    Pool 5 will never happen for me by the looks of it, meanwhile in hearthstone I can pretty much get every worthwhile card as free to play.

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