I Made A Good Deck Worse – And That’s Important.

HowlingMines loves to brew - but an important part of that process is testing stuff to see if it works. Nobody wants to talk about it when it goes wrong and isn't "broken" - but he thinks it's important to make sure we highlight that part of the experience.

Howdy folks, friendly neighbourhood HowlingMines here – with a slightly different video today to test your tastebuds.

I’ve been a bit lost this season, tbh. I was very lucky to make Infinite very early, but saving up for Kang The Conqueror and then *still* saving up for Kitty Pryde has left me with no new cards to work with afterward. Honestly, I’ve been a little bored.

So, I’ve been trying to explore underused cards – things that are a little weak, or very niche tech choices – in order to get better matchups against the best decks in the game, leading me back to Goose: A great tool to tackle Shuri Zero and other top heavy decks that got a little forgotten when Zabu made it easy to go underneath it.

So I looked to combine Goose with Mystique to make multiple Goose (Geese?), and then use the Sunspot-Wave-She-Hulk package, and the Doctor Doom/Odin Package to get around the double-sided nature of the effect.

The result?

It didn’t work. In fact, the deck felt worse into other matchups, and many players just had their own She-Hulk, Zabu or Doctor Doom to have the same play patterns as me without having to spend time on Goose.

I think it’s still important to make a video like this occasionally when a deck fails: Content Creators are super guilty of hyping up everything as “broken” or “the best deck” and only including wins in their videos – myself included, we’re all slaves to the algorithm! – and it’s not shared enough that sometimes that just isn’t true. It’s okay to brew, it’s okay to try things, and most importantly, it’s okay to fail.

What do you think? Is there merit to this type of video? Does Goose deserve another chance?

If you’d like to discuss any of this further, provide something I missed, or just let me know what you think about it all – Please feel free to contact us on Twitter @MarvelSnapZone or over in our dedicated community Discord server! Alternatively, you can drop me a line personally over on Twitter at @HowlingMines if you’d like a chat with just me.

Until next time.
I’ve been HowlingMines, You’ve Been Amazing.
See you out there in the multiverse!

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HowlingMines is the Operations Manager of DotGG and many of their sister sites, such as MTGAZone and Marvel Snap Zone!

A TCG Specialist for over a decade, he now looks to share sweet decks, detailed articles, and help upcoming creators grow!

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  1. Thanks a lot for showing this side of trying out decks as well. I had the great idea of combining Devil Dino with Arnim Zola. Well, turned out it wasn’t that great of an idea after all… X-D

    • sorry, can’t find the edit button.
      wanted to add:
      it is an important article for me because i often watch your videos after you present some extraordinary decks and ideas and am blown away:
      first by how easy it works out for you (in the video)
      and second how i fail with locations, not pulling cards or whatever other frustrating thing…

      so again: thank you (:

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