Why Do Players Keep Asking For Nerfs In Marvel Snap? – A Ramble

There is cries for nerfs every time a new card rises to the top of the metagame, but why? Today. HowlingMines tries to break down some of what he thinks are the core issues in current card balance that lead to players repeatedly asking for the same thing.

Howdy folks, friendly neighbourhood HowlingMines here!
There’s cries for bans every time a new card rises to the top of the metagame, but why?

Today, I tried to break down some of what I think are the core issues in current card balance that lead to players repeatedly asking for the same thing.

What do you think? Are we starting to get an idea of the regular causes of balance issues, or am I way off the mark?

If you’d like to discuss any of this further, provide something I missed, or just let me know what you think about it all – Please feel free to contact us on Twitter @MarvelSnapZone or over in our dedicated community Discord server! Alternatively, you can drop me a line personally over on Twitter at @HowlingMines if you’d like a chat with just me.

Until next time.
I’ve been HowlingMines, You’ve Been Amazing.
See you out there in the multiverse!

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  1. Two major issues, in my opinion. 1) extremely poorly calculated nerfs / buffs by the devs (buffing Thanos, for example, was asinine). 2) a poorly designed economy, in which most players can’t get the Series 5 bombs – that’s a major problem, when 1 or more Series 5 cards dominates the meta.

    • You are right in everything, specially about thanos, that buff is a joke, that deck was already too powerful, and also about the economy of the game, the problem are also that the content creators who also said the prices are good Just because they use as base the value in gold and credits that second dinner put on them. Cheers from México.

  2. In regards to cards like Cosmo or Armor, what if they’re effects had the following caveat:

    “They block the FIRST instance of X per turn”

    So Armor would prevent cards in that lane from being destroyed by the FIRST Destroy effect. Following ones would get through. And her armor would return the next turn.

    Cosmo would prevent the FIRST On Reveal in that lane that turn, but the following ones would still happen.

    In my head, this keeps the strengths of the cards while also creating a few more interesting scenarios.

    Now Cosmo and Armor don’t simply turn off a tactic in a lane, they change that tactic to “Do I have enough cards to break through?” or “Do I want to sacrifice one card’s effect to make the next work?” This could even “buff” other cards by making them possible “first waves” to sacrifice to get a better effect. For example, this makes Elektra more valuable by making her Destroy and On Reveal effect cheap fodder to turn off Armor OR Cosmo for a turn.

  3. Couple of issues with the video.

    At 4:13 you state that you only ever has access to Sera on Turn 5 – which is incorrect. You normally only have access to Sera on turn 5 but Lockjaw, Jubilee and locations can have Sera on the board earlier.

    At 4:43 you state that pre-nerf Zabu (3/2) was inline with stats but at 6:38 you state Lockjaw is slightly under in stats but both were 3/2.

    My feedback on the topic:
    There is lots of room for the game to grow but the development team must be explict with effects to keep them to how they are designed.

    Sera should be worded as “Ongoing: On or after turn 6, cards in your hand cost 1 less (minimum 1). This way you can still flood the board with cards.
    I believe the On or after turn 6 is needed to make it synchronize with Magik which Kingpin should also have.

    Also, every card should have a counter. With a new card coming every week, we should eventually get a counter but some cards do not have one yet.

    Cosmo – Enchantress could counter but Cosmo counters the counter. There needs to be an ongoing card that prevents ongoing cards to be added to the lane like Goose blocks 4-6 cost cards. That card can be countered with an Enchantress. A card that on reveal, suppresses all ongoing effects next round would be a good card to allow Enchantress to counter Cosmo and other uses.

    There is not yet a card that blocks end of game effects like Dracula and Captain Marvel. There should be one eventually.

    Lockjaw is not an ongoing effect, so there is no direct counter. With moving cards like Cloak, Dr. Strange and the Space Stone, you can get quite a few uses of this feature (which means they could be pulled by Lockjaw and backfire). Since Jubilee is a 4 cost with 1 power card that does this once, I would like to see Lockjaw be an on reveal card that does this for the next card only.

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