Buffs and Nerfs: What We Could See Next Patch?

HowlingMines has reason to believe the upcoming balance patch could contain some more buffs and nerfs for favourite and infamous cards! Today, he breaks down his Top 5 targets for Buffs, and Top 5 targets for Nerfs.

Howdy folks, friendly neighbourhood HowlingMines here!

With the big January 31st Battle Mode Balance Patch quickly approaching, and Ben Brode teasing that we hadn’t seen the final adjustment to Leader just yet – many players assume this patch will contain another balance update to several of your favourite and most infamous cards.

So today, I’m breaking down my Top 5 picks for a Buff, Top 5 picks for a Nerf – and what I’d do to every single one!

Suggested Nerfs:

Suggested Buffs:

What do you think? Are these changes you’d like to see, or do you think other cards are far more pressing?

Please feel free to contact us on Twitter @MarvelSnapZone or over in our dedicated community Discord server! Alternatively, you can drop me a line personally over on Twitter at @HowlingMines if you’d like a chat with just me.

Until next time.
I’ve been HowlingMines, You’ve Been Amazing.
See you out there in the multiverse!

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A TCG Specialist for over a decade, he now looks to share sweet decks, detailed articles, and help upcoming creators grow!

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  1. Loved the video. It would be good to get onscreen what the cards you’re talking about do though. You spoke of baron modrdu and crystal and i needed to go check elsewhere what the card text was. Really enjoy the content though.. all the best

  2. I really hate the concept of leader. It is just such a dumb card but because it’s so insanely strong even good players use it.

    Also what is with Zabu? I completely miss the card in the list even Zabu decks are left and right in the meta.

  3. You can not increase Baron Mordo’s power to equal Cloak or Lizard without adding a negative effect to the player. Cloak has a neutral power allowing both players to utilize the move, the Baron to have 4 power would need to have the player also draw a card and have it’s cost set to 6.

    Glactus is fine, there need to be more cards that impact your opponent’s side of the board like Debrii, Viper, Polaris, Aero and Juggernaut to counter the effect. A 2 energy 4 power card that gives your opponent a squirrel in that lane for instance or Jean Grey as written will help.

    Leader needs a rework. I recommend something like if your opponent plays/played a card with 12 or more power this turn then destroy it. That counters the Wave into Death problem but still let’s you discount She-Hulk.

    Shuri to 5 is a great idea.

    Crystal not location dependent is great.

    I don’t think Silver Surfer needs a nerf but if one was implemented, I would limit the effect to only the lane played on. This caps the card at 9 power for a 3 cost. This gets to keep the Broodmance going on turn 6.

    Mover cards that go right are needed. Hopefully Ghost Spider or Toad will have these. The best fix for movement decks would be increasing Dagger to 2 power. This small buff means that you can Human Torch on 1, Dagger on 2 then Dr. Strange to the third location picking up both of these cards. As a 1 power, most 1 cost drops get an appointment with the doctor before Dagger.

  4. There are several worse options. Galactus and Shuri are fine and can be countered easily. Leader needs to be reworked as a card, it’s just no effort wins and lazy design. Iceman and scorpion need a rework as well, they completely disrupt a deck many times for that little cost. Putting them with 0 power both will drive people away from them.

    Nerfing the series 5 cards after people get them seems like a move that will drive people away from the game. They are supposed to be better than the rest.

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