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Marvel Snap February 2023 Bundles Comparison Chart

Marvel Snap February 2023 Bundles Guide – Value and Comparison Chart

Kirallas takes a look at the current and upcoming Marvel Snap bundles for February 2023, calculates their estimated value and compares them side by side.

A new patch has been released, which means it’s time to take a look at Marvel Snap Bundles that are waiting for us in the near future and compare them side by side. Keep in mind that contents, cost and dates are yet to be confirmed and are not final until announced or released.

Marvel Snap February 2023 Bundles Comparison Chart

February 2023 Bundle List

The above chart compares the upcoming Bundles in February 2023. More information can be found on their individual pages:

February 7 – February 28Positively Charged
February 14 – February 21Westview Story
February 14 – February 21Steamy Hell’s Kitchen
February 22 – March 3Birthpool

Let’s start with the good news! Apparently, the community was heard and we received not one, but two bundles this month that contain Collector’s Tokens! It is also worth noting that every bundle coming this month will be available for Gold, no exclusives for real money this time.

The bad news is that the price in gold for the vast majority of F2P players is simply unattainable. So if you want to buy both bundles that contain Collector’s Tokens, you will need 11,500 Gold. Positively Charged bundle costs 8,000 Gold or about $114, which is an absolute record for the price among all the bundles that we have seen! The above price in dollars is formed taking into account the conversion methodology presented earlier. However, if you buy 8000 gold using the best option in the store, then the price of this bundle will be equal to $100.

As a result, even players who can afford to buy an expensive bundle may have a choice: Buy a more expensive or cheaper bundle. And if we take into account the speed of obtaining Gold, most likely, the majority of players who have been hoarding Gold non-stop since December will not even have enough gold to buy Positively Charged bundle.

Collector’s Tokens

The chart above gives only a general idea of the value. But let’s dive into the details and compare the number of tokens that will actually be received after buying a particular bundle. To do this, we need to go back to some calculations and take into account the differences in progress after collecting all 3 pool cards.

So if we take into account that 1 token is approximately 4.18 Credits, then we can calculate how many tokens will be obtained in total when buying a bundle (including those that will be obtained from Collector’s Reserves when converting credits to collection level). Thus, if we compare all bundles containing tokens, we will get a chart showing the number of tokens received for 1 Gold spent for each bundle.

BundleCyber holidayWinter WonderlandPositively ChargedBirthpool
Price in gold7500600080003200
Total amount of
Collector’s Tokens
Number of Collector’s
Tokens for 1 gold spent
Collection progress value2.

As shown above, Positively Charged bundle does not show a very good result, especially considering its cost. At first glance, it seems that Its value for players who are only interested in progress and speed of obtaining new cards is comparable to the value offered by the Winter Wonderland bundle. However, the number of tokens received per gold spent is extremely low. Also, this bundle is the only one among all the above that has a progress value below 2.0. Therefore, this bundle can hardly be called valuable.

On the other hand, players have a choice to buy Birthpool bundle, which is similar in value to Сyber Holiday bundle, and even overtakes it. This is due to the fact that the bundle contains a little more cosmetics and a variant for the Deadpool card from Series 3, which can replace the card itself until you get it from a Collector’s Reserve. In addition, this bundle is quite affordable and has a good gold/tokens ratio.

A Strange Couple

As we expected, Second Dinner continues to experiment and offers new bundles that are fundamentally different from those we have seen before. This time, players will be able to purchase two extremely similar bundles that do not contain any valuable resources and have only cosmetic items.

Both Westview Story and Steamy Hell’s Kitchen bundles are positioned as not very expensive options for players who love cosmetics, but are not willing to pay real money for it. I assume that in order to compensate such low value of these bundles this month, two bundles with tokens will be released in contrast.


This month, all the players who were waiting for the appearance of bundles with tokens faced a difficult choice. There are 3 main options.

  1. Quantity is above value – the player buys a Positively Charged bundle for a high price and will probably spend all his gold savings.
  2. Value over quantity – the player waits for the Birthpool bundle at the end of the month and makes an extremely profitable purchase, leaving part of the gold in reserve.
  3. Quantity is above all – the player does not want to miss the opportunity to directly buy Collector’s Tokens and therefore does everything possible to buy both bundles. In this case, the player will most likely have to spend a decent amount of money or time that will be spent on grinding Season Caches.

It is worth noting that each of these choices makes sense. Each player will make such a choice himself based on his preferences. The above calculations may help you to understand the whole picture and weigh all the pros and cons.

All the details of the calculation principle for these bundles can be found in the previous post on bundle values.

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  1. Please, help me on this dilemma:

    I have 7300+ Gold right now, as a F2P. CL2368, so I have more than half (I guess) of Series 3 cards. In fact, if I’m not wrong, I can end it in 3 months (considering the drop of cards stopping me each month to get there). This sounds wrong, but it’s important because, despite I have Deadpool – I don’t like much – I don’t have Mr. Negative.
    So having him can anticipate his use in 1 week or 3 months (tnx RNG). Is he worth it? Because it’s an unique opportunity and the 4k tokens could help me getting other cards I want to play (Mystique, Cerebro…).

    Buying Deadpool I get just little more than 2k tokens (which I could use to buy him IF appears at shop) and if don’t, climb more to open him. But how much time?

    Mr. Negative is playable in the meta?

    • If you like his idea, buy it. If you have other two, Magik and Sera, you can make really good teams. His team is flexible and top tier but not as consistent. I’ve played Negative for while and for me snapping on him often make opponents retreat because of 0-5 Iron man or 0-3 mist is very scary.

      I (CL 2406) personally am not buying Negative bundle but Deadpool instead cause in eventual case I need tokens to get Galactus or Thanos, not right away and token value is lot better. Spending on cards like Deadpool is definitely not good idea. Spend token if you especially want to open an archetype of play (Sera, Wave or Death if you have other, Negative is decent, Destroyer). I am sure you can run many teams so just keep token safe even if you can buy cards.

      • Tnx for reply. I have no Magik yet too, so I guess Mr. Negative sounds pretty hard to do in 1-2 turns without it (and Mystique, ofc).
        I am in a situation where my only great archetype (She Hulk Deathwave) it’s weaker every day.

    • I think it comes down to how much you’re enjoying the game and whether you need that quicker boost of collection level (vs. waiting and getting frustrated and quitting). Personally, I’m at 1,960 CL with about 7,800 in gold saved and I’ll be passing on the Negative bundle and will get the Deadpool bundle. I own both Negative and Deadpool already so it comes down to the tokens and credits for me.

      If you have a bunch of decks that you enjoy playing already and are competitive (assuming you care about climbing rank) you can afford to be patient, get the Deadpool bundle and keep gold saved for more bundles in March.

      If you’re on the verge of quitting because you’re frustrated that you don’t have many good/fun decks, buy the Negative bundle and get that boost! Your 7,300 gold means nothing if you quit and uninstall the game.

      • Yeah, I guess it’s time to spend, because I’m really on a verge of quitting, because of SurferZabu dominance without response (of me, ofc), considering I don’t have any good archetypes to counterattack (as Zabu and Surfer infiltrates on most decks).

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