Cyber Holiday Bundle

Cyber Holiday – Is It Worth Buying?

Marvel Snap's Cyber Holiday Bundle is available for players to purchase for 7500 Gold. Is it worth purchasing and what does it contain?

Marvel Snap’s first Bundle since the beginner’s Welcome BundleCyber Holiday, is new with Patch 9.16.0, available for players to purchase only once for 7500 Gold for 3 weeks. You can find this item in the Shop tab of the client. Check out all the details about this bundle including a guide.

Bundle Details

Cyber Holiday Bundle
Start DateNovember 29, 2022, 3 AM GMT
End DateDecember 21, 2022, 3 AM GMT
Cost7500 Gold

Cyber Holiday Bundle Rewards

Cyber Holiday Rewards
    9500 Credits
    155 Apocalypse Boosters
    Kim Jacinto Apocalypse Variant
    Kim Jacinto Apocalypse Avatar
    3000 Collector’s Tokens

    Kim Jacinto Apocalypse Variant


    Firstly, the 8000 Gold bundle in the Shop is $100 USD or equivalent, and there is no doubt Cyber Holiday is no trivial price point for most people especially as a $2.99 follow up to the Welcome Bundle.

    9500 Credits is slightly above value in Gold equivalent (9375), which also allows players to go over the maximum of 5000 Credits.

    If the Variant, Avatar, and Booster values are perceived as zero (cosmetics), then we are essentially fast tracking our collection with 3000 Collector’s Tokens equivalent to three Series 3 cards, one Series 4 card, or half a Series 5 card. While the tokens can be earned for free from Collector’s Caches and Reserves, it may take players a very long time to accumulate 3000 of them.

    In conclusion: This is a hefty starting price but as a silver lining, Gold can be acquired for free through various ways in Marvel Snap and in theory can be bought without spending real money. In that route, the Bundle is of great value as many players already convert Gold to Credits.

    Conversely, a player may be more enticed to purchase the Bundle for real money if there are cards they desperately want from the Token Shop as soon as possible.

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